Energy Sec Jennifer Granholm Has a Brainless Excuse for Why Gas Prices Are Soaring

Charles Dharapak

The jobs report came out yesterday and it showed how the Biden policies are having a horrible effect on the economy. Instead of the almost one million new jobs which some, including the Biden team, had predicted, it was a record miss, with only 266,000 jobs. This is, at least in part, as we explained, because people are getting extended unemployment benefits so they’re not having to go back into the workforce.


What was the Biden team’s response? Let’s do more of the same! We’re not spending enough money on unemployment benefits! So let’s make things worse!

On top of that, and not unrelated, we’re also starting to see a rising inflation, as even this CNN report explains.

Donald Trump Jr. warned about it as well, comparing Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter.  A stark reminder of the terrible inflation of the 1970s that Carter had no idea how to handle.

We can already see that Biden and his people have no idea what they are doing if they want to spend even more money.

But Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm demonstrated still more of the Biden team’s cluelessness when she was quizzed by Jake Tapper about the rising gas prices.


Tapper said that gas was about fifty cents higher a gallon than when Biden took office. “Beyond whether or not you think your policies are to blame,” Tapper asked, “Are you worried that the prices could impact whether or not Americans travel, which is, of course, needed to put money back into the economy?” Her response? “People need to travel, right. We need to get the virus under control first. We need to get to that 70%. We need to get to herd immunity. You know, why have gas prices gone up? Could that be because of the virus itself, as well? Is it — I mean — everything is tied together.”

How is that an answer to Tapper’s questions about the rising prices and the greater question of how you guys are screwing up the economy? Tapper didn’t make it particularly hard or even blame Biden for it, he just basically asked what was her response to the rising prices, or was she concerned about them? She couldn’t even say, “Yes, we are worried, and here’s what we’re going to do to prevent that.” Likely because they have no idea exactly how they would go about doing that.

How clueless it is to deflect to the virus? If it were because of the virus, which we’ve been dealing with for over a year, why didn’t the increases come last year? But this is the same woman who tried to sell us on new definitions of the term “infrastructure.”


Indeed, rising gas prices is probably one of the things where you can draw a pretty straight line to Biden’s decision to attack the energy industry and stop things like the Keystone XL pipeline, which killed thousands of jobs. We were close to energy independence under President Donald Trump and Biden seems to want to walk us back from that, all because of the push of the left to kill anything having to do with energy. So is it any surprise the prices are soaring?

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