Shocking Texts Reveal Army Major Knew Americans Waving Passports Were Abandoned at Kabul Airport

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They knew.

Despite Joe Biden’s delusional declaration on Tuesday that the chaotic, ill-conceived evacuation from Afghanistan was an “extraordinary success.” Despite White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki curtly admonishing Fox News’ Peter Doocy: “I think it’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded; they are not.” Despite the entire administration desperately continuing to put lipstick on Biden’s Afghanistan pig.


They knew.

As reported by Just the News, a series of desperate text messages between U.S. military commanders and private citizens mounting last-minute rescues tell a far different story than that presented by the Biden administration. “We are f*cking abandoning American citizens,” wrote an Army colonel, detailing how frantic, pleading Americans —waving U.S. passports — were rejected at the Kabul airport, as three empty rescue flights waited nearby, hours before the last American troops left Afghanistan.

Former Special Forces officer and war correspondent Michael Yon, who was working between private networks and the U.S. military to rescue stranded Americans, provided Just the News with a series of text messages and emails that reveal not only the desperation of Americans left behind; but of his own, as well.

Yon told Just the News podcaster, John Solomon:

“We had them out there waving their passport screaming, ‘I’m American!'”

“People were turned away from the gate by our own Army,” Yon said.

“I personally know and was involved in an operation two nights ago,” Yon told Solomon, describing how he and a “tight cadre” tried to shepherd four American citizens” — a woman and three children — onto an evacuation flight. First, they had to pass through Taliban checkpoints to get to the gate to the airport.


And, incredibly, this:

We had Taliban take them to the south gate. That’s how they got through the checkpoint.

My God. The Taliban took the terrified family to the gate.

Once they reached the gate, the family waved their passports, while screaming that they were Americans. And incredulously, American forces wouldn’t come and get them, according to Yon.

Yon then contacted an Army colonel who had knowledge of the evacuation process. In the exchange, according to Just the News, the colonel messaged Yon that people were being turned away from the airport. “Yes, are f**king abandoning American citizens.”

Assuming Yon’s account — backed by three dozen text and email exchanges with frontline Army officials in Afghanistan, according to Just the News — was true, who made the call? Who made the decision to abandon Americans? How high up was that decision made?

In a  blistering email to an Army major whose team had tried to coordinate the rescue before abandoning it, Yon wrote:

You guys left American citizens at the gate of the Kabul airport. Three empty jets paid for by volunteers were waiting for them. You and I talked on the phone. I told you where they were. Gave you their passport images. And my email and phone number. And you left them behind.

And then this dagger: “Great job saving yourselves. Probably get a lot of medals.”


Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), the top Republican on the Senate permanent subcommittee on investigations, fired off a letter to the Pentagon on Monday expressing his concerns that Americans had been knowingly abandoned at the airport.

Johnson told Just the News the texts and emails provided by Yon confirmed his worst fears and raised serious questions about whether the Biden administration has been misleading the public.

I’m not sure what planet President Biden and members of his administration are on, but here on planet Earth, his withdrawal from Afghanistan is an abysmal failure.

What we’ve been hearing from people working the evacuation is completely different from the administration’s rosy spin.

These texts confirm my worst suspicions and should serve as further justification to dramatically increase the vetting process before granting refugees legal status and rights.

“Rosy spin”? Biden lying? Nah, no way. I mean it’s not as if “Joey from Scranton” has embellished, plagiarized, and been caught in bald-faced lies, multiple times, throughout his nearly 50 years in D.C.

No — wait.

Speaking of “being less than forthcoming,” Psaki on Wednesday refused to comment on whether Biden pressed now-former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in a July 23 phone call to “change the perspective” that his country was rapidly falling to the Taliban, according to a transcript provided to Reuters.


In the call, Biden offered aid if Ghani could publicly project he had a plan to control the spiraling situation in Afghanistan. “We will continue to provide close air support if we know what the plan is,” he said. What is that? Carrot and stick? Implied threat? Whatever we call it, it is quintessential Joe Biden.

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