AP Throws Pity Party for 'Toxic and Impossible' Job of School Boards

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Shame on you, parents with children in school.

Shame on you for speaking out against smug school boards that treat you as if work them.

Shame on you for your anger over condescending school boards ignoring your concerns while they attempt to indoctrinate your children with the insanity of Marxist-derived critical race theory.


Shame on you for trying to stop school boards from programming young white kids with the divisive notion that they were born inherently racist and must therefore spend the rest of their lives atoning for their whiteness to people of color.

And while we’re at it, shame on you for your vitriolic outbursts against school board members over mask mandates for young children, COVID vaccines, and draconian testing requirements.

Yeah, shame on you, parents. For all of it. What the hell is wrong with you people?

As reported by The Associated Press, Rick Grothaus, in his recent letter of resignation from Wisconsin’s Oconomowoc Area School Board, perfectly summed up the devastating impact on board members inflicted by evil selfish parents more concerned with the education and sociological development of their young children than with the emotional scars inflicted on these caring, nurturing, people who — solely out the goodness of their hearts — do their damnedest to turn America’s kids into programmed left-wing bots.


The board’s work has become “toxic and impossible to do.” wrote Grothaus.

The retired educator told AP via phone interview he knew the work would be “difficult to do” but he didn’t anticipate the harsh reaction to that work from parents.

“When I got on, I knew it would be difficult. But I wasn’t ready or prepared for the vitriolic response that would occur, especially now that the pandemic seemed to just bring everything out in a very, very harsh way. It made it impossible to really do any kind of meaningful work.”

Grothaus resigned Aug. 15 along with two other members, according to AP, including Dan Raasch, who wondered if his car and windshield would be intact after meetings.

It gets worse — depending on one’s point of view.

A school board member in Nevada told AP he had thoughts of suicide before stepping down amid threats and harassment.

In Virginia, a board member resigned over what she saw as politics driving decisions on masks. The “vitriol” at board meetings in Wisconsin, noted AP, had “one member fearing he would find his tires slashed.”


And in Arizona, according to AP, speakers at a recent school board meeting took turns blistering board members over masks, vaccines, and discussions about race issues. “It’s my constitutional right to be as mean as I want to you guys,” one woman said.

Board member Allison Pratt told AP she recalled thinking that if she weren’t already on the board, she wouldn’t aspire to be.

“There is starting to be an inherent distrust for school boards, that there’s some notion that we are out to indoctrinate children or to undermine parents or things like that when we are on the same team.”

“We are here to help children,” added Pratt, claiming she strives to view issues “from the perspective of even the most extreme members of the community,” and she has no plans to resign. But she has stepped up security at her home, she said.

Man. There’s a lot to “unpack,” here.

As I read through the quotes I was considering including in this article/op-ed, various descriptors came to mind for these people: “clueless,” “delusional,” “out of touch with reality,” “denial,” “arrogance,” and even “humorous,” among them. Along with others, I can’t print, of course.

Let’s do “humorous,” first. “We are here to help the children.”


By whose standards? The standards of parents who love their kids more than the whole wide world, or those of left-wing elitists and the useful idiots they exploit in their incessant drive to wrest from parents the control over the sociological development of America’s children?

“Arrogance” is easy. What else do we call people who believe “all of the above” and that they have the right — constitutionally, legally, or morally — to usurp that right from America’s parents?

“Delusional,” “out of touch with reality,” and “denial” simply follow suit as part of an accurate description of anybody who believes the above nonsense. And nobody does it better than the elitist Left and its useful idiots.

Incidentally, in several states, according to AP, embattled board members who do not resign are facing recall efforts. Ballotpedia lists 59 school board recall efforts against 147 board members in 2021.

In an article I wrote earlier this month, titled ‘We Are Not Victims’: Black Father’s Impassioned Plea on Critical Race Theory Leads School District to Ban It, I reported on a conservative black father’s emotional speech before a school board in Colorado in which he thoroughly destroyed critical race theory during a school board meeting last week — for which he earned a standing ovation from other parents. Moments later, the board members voted to ban CRT in the district.


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