WATCH: Black Mother Discusses Lawsuit Against School Over Critical Race Theory

Gabrielle Clark discusses her lawsuit against her son's school over Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is still all over the news as parents continue to vocally oppose its teachings in their children’s classrooms. There has been story after story demonstrating that at least some teachers are injecting elements of the theory into the curriculum ostensibly to teach students about racism in America.


Gabrielle Clark, a black mother from Las Vegas, filed a lawsuit against her son’s school in December for compelling him to participate in lessons in which he was labeled as “privileged” and an “oppressor” because of his European features. In this interview, Clark recounted how her son was treated and details the legal action she has filed against the school.

Clark is working with a group called “No Left Turn In Education,” which is “a grassroots movement of common-sense parents, families and citizens. We are workers of all kinds. We are attorneys, educators, social workers, scientists and physicians” that believes “K-12 education should be free from indoctrination and politicization,” according to its website.

No Left Turn In Education is one of several groups spearheading the fight against the teaching of CRT and woke theology in the classroom. Its founder, Elana Fishbein, launched the group shortly after realizing her two sons were being subjected to the same type of treatment as Clark’s children.


The organization is helping Clark with her lawsuit against her son’s school. She is also heading the group’s Nevada chapter and is assisting other parents concerned about this issue. If you wish to learn more about her battle with the school and support her efforts, you can do so here.


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