Ever Seen Anyone Destroy 'Reparations' in Less Than a Minute? Here Ya Go...

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As so-called “critical race theory” continues to be taught in various school districts throughout the country, outrage continues to grow as well. More and more parents, lawmakers, and even school boards are digging deeper into the so-called “curriculum” and how CRT “education” is actually indoctrination — programming — of young white students who are told they are inherently racist solely because of the color of their skin.


White kids are taught that they will always be racist and the only way they can fight against their “white privilege” is to become proactively “anti-racist,” which includes atoning for the sins of White America against Black America. I’m not exaggerating.

Simply put, CRT is racist. It is obscene. It is child abuse. Period. And it is terribly wrong. Then again, most Marxist ideology is. Nearly a dozen state legislatures have either banned critical race theory indoctrination or are in various stages of doing so. That list will grow.

And ‘Reparations’?

In addition to the traditional reparations debate— payments by the federal government to descendants of slaves — the debate now also centers on reparations for racism in today’s America, which is pretend “systemic racism” and inherent “white supremacy.”

The political debate in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere is at a fever pitch and will only intensify over at least the next two years, if not four or more, as the Democrat Party continues to do what it has done for six decades: make hollow promises to Black America they will never keep, and lying to people of color that if it were not for the Democrat Party to protect them from the evil Republicans, just think how horrific their lives would be.


What did Biden tell Black America about Republicans during a campaign event in 2012? If Mitt Romney won the 2012 election?

“He gonna put y’all back in chains!”

Yeah, that.

Disingenuous pandering? For sure, and then some. Dishonest exploitation? Oh hell, yeah.

As a result, the Democrat Party is today jumping on reparations for black America like Michael Moore getting after a bagful of McDonald’s Quarter Pounders With Cheese.

Now that we’ve set the table, in a RedState piece titled WATCH: Black Woman Takes Truth Blowtorch to Alyssa Milano, ‘Woke White Ladies’, I embedded a video of a young black woman, who in less than 60 seconds put her blowtorch on full blast and torched Ms. Milano & Co. to a charcoal briquette. A week later, I posted another short video of the young lady, in which she and her blowtorch did the same thing to “woke black people.”

Next up, destroying reparations.


As I explained in the first two pieces, I included no transcription — which I usually include in pieces with quotes or videos. Two reasons: As with the first two videos, this one is also less than a minute long, and you’ll get more enjoyment from just watching her go to work.

Let the lesson (beatdown) begin:

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