'Limbaugh's Legacy Lives on,' Says Former Gov, 'Despite Dirty GOP RINO Move to Erase' It

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Conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh has been gone for nearly four months. As is the case with untold numbers of “Rushofiles” across Rush’s beloved “fruited plain,” it still “catches me by surprise” every once in a while — most often unexpectedly.


As has been the case throughout history, when we lose powerful figures whose impact on the cause he or she stood and fought for was immeasurable, Rush’s legacy will live on among true conservatives — many of whom became conservatives precisely because they listened to Rush, understood what he meant, and began doing their part to advance conservatism against the left and all others who seek to destroy it.

Speaking of the left, their decades of histrionics were never a threat to Rush. On the contrary, their efforts only served to make “America’s Anchorman” stronger — and the size and conviction of his audience to grow. And now in death, the left’s effect on Limbaugh’s legacy will be no more effective than during Rush’s life. But as former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens wrote in a recent op-ed, the real threat to Rush and “Limbaughism” exists with the Republican Party itself. Or as Greitens, also a former Navy SEAL put it:

“The cowardice of elected Republicans” and their “dirty GOP RINO move to erase” Rush and his legacy” — precisely why conservatives must remember Rush and his unwavering fight for conservativism now, more than ever.

In the Revolver op-ed, Greitens gave several examples of the “dirty GOP RINO move.”


In Congress RINOs like Liz Cheney voted to impeach President Donald Trump, while other “Republicans” backed a commission to ostensibly investigate the events of January 6.

In Missouri, conservative legislators wanted to honor Rush, one of the state’s most distinguished citizens and an icon to an entire generation of conservatives. But back-stabbing establishment politicians cut a deal with the Democrats to cut Rush out of the bill.

Those same swampy Republicans had no problem passing a “Pioneering Black Women’s Day” on March 26, in honor of the state’s first black female state senator Gwen Giles, a Democrat. Giles deserved to be recognized. But so does Rush Limbaugh.

As Greitens wrote, he saw the same kind of “dirty moves” in the Missouri legislature, over and over — Republican lawmakers far more interested in cutting deals with Democrats than in standing and fighting for conservative principles.

When I called Missouri’s first-ever pro-life special session, the people who were most opposed were not liberals. No, the most vocal opponents were the cesspool Republicans who wanted to cut deals with the Dems.

Greitens wrote further about why RINOs in the GOP are more of a threat to “MAGA” and conservatism than Democrat legislators.

Some forget, or may not know, that before we had tech censorship on social media, Democrats used the government to censor conservative radio. Conservative radio was a booming industry in the 1950s and 1960s but became a political target of Democrats who feared its growing influence over the American people.

Then as now, Democrats couldn’t compete with conservatives in the free market, so instead they flexed the muscle of big government through the Federal Communications Commission’s Fairness Doctrine.

This new rule required broadcasters who aired any political opinion to also provide equal airtime to a contrary opinion. Democrats then funneled money into lawsuits against conservative broadcasters to shut them down and silence their influence.

It was a dark moment in American history that often goes unrecognized.


Let’s touch on the Fairness Doctrine, for a moment — and the inherent dishonestly of the left.

Those of us who have paid even a modicum amount of attention to the Democrats — specifically, what they say vs. what they do —knew damn well before we read one word of the so-called “fair” doctrine that it would prove to be anything but. On the contrary, the so-called “fair” legislation was written to accomplish exactly the opposite of fairness. We also knew it was written because, as Greitens wrote, liberal talk radio could not and still cannot compete with conservative talk radio in the free market. So what did Democrats want to do?

What Democrats always do.

When Democrats can’t win under existing rules, their first tendency is to cheat, followed by an effort to change or eliminate the rule(s). One need look no further than the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton, and the Electoral College for ample proof. Or perhaps the attempt by left-wing loons like Rep. Gerry Nadler & Co. pushing legislation to pack the U.S. Supreme Court. Democrats. It’s what they do.

“Thankfully, reforms were made under Republicans in the late 80s and early 90s that restored freedom to broadcasters,” wrote Greitens:

“And when that freedom returned, Rush Limbaugh became the pioneer who restored conservative talk radio and grew it to into the mighty force it remains today. Even after his passing, conservative talk radio completely dominates the radio ratings charts.”


Rush Limbaugh was not only an unabashed conservative who gleefully enjoyed sticking it to the left at every opportunity; he spoke to everyday Americans in a way that no Republican leader had ever spoken. His legacy will continue; it is our responsibility now to ensure it does.

As Greitens said, we must stand up “not just to the left, but to back-stabbing Republicans who make a living off of politics.”

“If we do that,” he said, “Rush’s voice will still be heard loud and clear.”


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