Black Woman Who Burned Alyssa Milano to a Crisp Is Back With Blowtorch for the 'Woke'

(AP Photo/Jon Elswick)

Last Sunday, I posted a video of an unidentified black woman blistering the ever-loving hell out of Hollywood Looney Tunes poster child Alyssa Milano and other equally “woke white ladies.” If you missed the 59-second beatdown, here’s your chance to check it out now.


And this Sunday, on what I hope has been a super-happy, Birthing People’s Day for all of our RedState birthing people, as a small token of this birthed person’s appreciation for all the birthing-person things you do, I’ve brought back the awesome black woman and her blowtorch β€” this time to burn “woke black people” to a charcoal briquette.

I generally include at least of a portion of the transcript of the videos I post, but in this case, I chose not to; choosing instead to allow you to enjoy this woman’s in-your-face truth as she preaches it. You’re welcome. Incidentally, note the image of the hate tweet: “It’s literally only white people who agree wit [sic] you.” That “might” be all the motivation this boss needed.

Fire up the blowtorch, my friend β€” and let the flame-throwing begin.


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