Megyn Kelly's 9-Word Beatdown of Maddow's 'Maskless People' Meltdown Is Beautiful

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Imagine their shock, horror, and descent into severe depression. There they were, sailing along atop the mask mandate world, Joe Biden wrapped up tighter than The Mummy — outdoors, not another human being in the same zip code, Democrat COVID Clown Car hood ornament Tony Fauci dutifully playing his organ grinder monkey role, and for the most part, in total control — the ultimate goal of the left.


Then the Centers for Disease Control had to go and screw it all up.

Yep, after the CDC on Wednesday announced that “anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities, large or small, without wearing a mask or physical distancing,” life as the left knew and loved came crashing to an end. Just like that.

Sure, they can continue the insanity — among those who will tolerate it — but they now know, as well as we have known for months, that their credibility is finally officially shot. 

The political reasons behind the sudden 180º flip-flop by the CDC — precisely as Biden remains up to his eyeballs in multiple self-inflicted crises — is another issue, which I’ve discussed, elsewhere. For the sake of article length, I won’t delve into it here.

So, let’s get back to the now clinically-depressed, shall we? Even better, in the personage of none other than PMSNBC™ host Rachel Maddow — one of my all-time “faves.”

Put mildly, Ray makes smug look insecure.

In a hilarious report from Fox News on Friday — made hilarious by Maddow’s comments, as opposed to an attempt by Fox to write a humorous article — David Rutz highlighted several comments Maddow made in reaction to the sudden CDC flip-flop, one of which was an admission that she must now “rewire” herself to not see unmasked people as “a threat.”


Just look at how depressed the poor wretch has become:

“I feel like I’m going to have to rewire myself so that when I see someone out in the world who’s not wearing a mask, I don’t instantly think, ‘You are a threat.

“Or you are selfish or you are a COVID denier and you definitely haven’t been vaccinated. I mean, we’re going to have to rewire the way that we look at each other.”

“We,” Rachel? Lemme fix that for you.

“We willfully indoctrinated groupthinkers…” There, that’s better.

But fear not, fellow willfully indoctrinated groupthinkers, Rachel is going to be there for you, as you emerge into the light, guiding your, every silly step.

“Be patient and compassionate with each other as we deal with another period of change.”

As Rutz wrote, Maddow said Americans should give each other space to process the feelings about the shift in “norms” over the new mask guidance, predicting there would be a “visceral reaction.” Again, what would we do without Rachel Maddow and other “life coaches” just like her, America? Wait— we better not answer that question.


One noted person filled with compassion for Rachel Maddow is former Fox News and NBC “Today” show host Megyn Kelly, now an independent journalist and podcaster, Even more poignant, Megyn needed just nine compassionate — yet powerful — words to put poor Rachel’s current touch-and-go emotional crisis into proper perspective:

“Thoughts and prayers for her during this difficult time.”

If that doesn’t make you “weepy,” you are incapable of compassion and human kindness.

Dr. Jane Hughes — a real, medical doctor, as opposed to the poser, “you-know-who” — said it best. That is, in the minds of the rational among us.

“As we’ve been saying, the country has literally become mentally ill when it comes to COVID-19. We can blame MSM, bureaucrats and politicians. Maddow sees even masked conservatives as a threat.”

Well said, don’t you agree, Dr. Jill? From a professional perspective, I mean?

Thing is, Dr. Hughes, the left is fully aware of what it has done and continues to do. COVID has never been about facts, data, logic, or even “science” — sometimes the left’s ir be-all and end-all proof source. Nope, science only matters when it comports with the left’s narrative. That is never to happen the other way around.


Unless the present narrative comports with the science, that is.

Meanwhile, thoughts and prayers for Rachel Maddow at this very difficult time, as Megyn Kelly so eloquently burned poor Rachel to a charcoal briquette. 

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