CDC Announces That 'Fully Vaccinated' People Can Ditch Face Masks, Social Distancing - Even Indoors

Have you been waiting for the government’s permission to return to normal?  Have you been vaccinated?  Well, this story is for you!

It was announced this morning that the CDC was going to update their guidelines and recommendations regarding the wearing of masks.


Effective immediately, the CDC has updated their “recommendations” to say that vaccinated individuals no longer have to wear masks or socially distance in most circumstances. In typical CDC fashion, their orders are in many ways self-contradictory, as apparently they believe your vaccination doesn’t have an effect on transportation like planes and trains and that you still have to wear a mask in those conditions.


The guidelines do not overrule state or municipal mask mandates, so now’s your chance to accuse all of those elected officials of being “anti-science” and for them “ignoring CDC guidelines.”

The CDC has been slowly rolling back limitations for those that had been vaccinated, however, they’ve held to the mask recommendation for several months. Even though the science behind the vaccine and the initial estimates of effectiveness hasn’t changed, it is now suddenly and miraculously effective enough to recommend lifting the restriction. The vaccines have been showing a well-over 90% effective rate until now.

The CDC stuck to their mask-mandate recommendations despite their own research showing the mandates had a less than 2% effective rate. Though a welcomed change, the recommendations up until this point have certainly been overkill.

Many have been mocking this change on Twitter, joking about how we shouldn’t have been waiting for the Government’s permission to do anything.


At the very least, we can celebrate this as a small victory on the road to recovery. Of course, this will send some of the mask-holes into a cold-sweat panic, and I am sure there will be plenty of that to share later.


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