One Look at Flag and Where It Flies Burns Democrats' Border Crisis 'Trump's Fault' Nonsense to Charcoal Briquette

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

As any rational person on the planet could have predicted as the Biden Border Crisis worsened, the Democrats and their lapdog media would blame “Trump.” Everything bad in the history of America was and will always be “Trump’s fault.” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas ridiculously — with a straight face — blamed the spiraling-out-of-control crisis on the Trump administration for dismantling the entire immigration system.

No big deal; these people have no shame.

Not even pictures of surging illegal-alien-wannabes on the U.S.-Mexico border, sporting “Biden 2020″ campaign T-shirts to which had been added Please Let Us In!”, all but demanding that Biden keep his campaign promises — to illegal aliens, that is — could deter the lying left from pushing the laughable Trump canard.

Biden promised us!“, Joe’s recently-acquired supporters shouted.

So what’s next? How about a “Biden for President 2020” flag flying at an illegal-alien-wannabe tent encampment in Mexico?

As reported by the Washington Examiner, the “Biden for President” flag was seen flying at a migrant camp in Tijuana, where thousands of “immigrants” continue to gather until they can be processed and put on Biden’s northbound people movers to the United States.

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins visited the encampment on Monday and said there’s no doubt who “owns” it.

“It is every bit Biden’s migrant camp. They are flying the Biden flag. They are wearing the Biden T-shirts. There’s 500 to 1,000 individuals staying here that believe wholeheartedly that President Joe Biden wants them here and will help them get across.”

Welp, Griff — they’re right.

Jenkins spoke with several people at the camp, with one woman saying the migrants were given the pro-Biden merch by a “nongovernmental organization.” Jenkins suggested that the “migrants” are media savvy.

“They choose to wear the shirts every time the media shows up because they believe if President Biden sees them wearing the shirt, then he will feel compelled to do more to help them get across.

“Most of them believe that Joe Biden is setting up shelters for them on the U.S. side and that, any day now, they will be asked to go across and stay there rather than here, where it’s dangerous.”

Also on Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki continued her silly kabuki-dance insistence that “children fleeing terrible situations is not a crisis.”

“Children presenting at our border, who are fleeing violence, who are fleeing prosecution, who are fleeing terrible situations is not a crisis.”

Nobody makes up crap solely for dramatic emotional effect better than Democrats.

And Kamala Harris on Monday? In a bizarre response to whether she has plans to visit the U.S.-Mexico border, Harris busted out one of her ill-timed creepy laughs in response, smugly blowing off the question with “Hahahahaha, not today!”

Just two months and three days in, America. Can’t wait to find out what’s next, can you?

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