Kamala Harris Says the Last Thing You Want to Hear From Gov't, Then Sparks More Anger

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Kamala Harris got on a plane yesterday to Florida to pitch propaganda about the virus relief bill that was loaded with Democratic agenda items and pork.

Before getting on the plane, as we reported, Kamala Harris was asked if she was going to the border. She laughed her head off at what was not a funny question. But it’s the typical Harris “tell”: When she doesn’t want to answer a question, she cackles. It’s the same problem that Hillary Clinton had, but Kamala does it even more often.


But there were a couple of other things we also wanted to point out.

Like this tweet.

Let’s ask Americans at the border and the folks who used to have a job because of the Keystone Pipeline how the Biden folks have “helped” them. They’ve “helped” themselves to a lot of our tax dollars funneled to their agenda items in this pork bill. When they say they want to help you, put your hand on your wallet, because you know they’re coming for it and for your freedoms.

Why isn’t she flying to the border rather than spreading propaganda in Florida? Because there’s actually a real problem there?

Not to mention that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has acquitted himself very well during the pandemic, prioritizing the safety of those most at risk, seniors, who are such a big proportion of his state. Unlike some Democratic governors, like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, he forbid positive virus patients from being sent into nursing homes. Democrats should really have been listening to him rather than to Gov. Cuomo. His economy also looks a lot better than some of those Democratic states.


Several also made Ronald Reagan’s point about Kamala Harris’ comment.

Another video of Harris also sparked comment of her allegedly getting on Air Force Two coming back from Florida yesterday and not saluting the military at the bottom of the steps. So if we’re thinking that she’s acting like the president, there’s one way in which she isn’t.

She’s outside the chain of command and there’s no requirement for her to do it, but Vice President Mike Pence and Vice President Joe Biden did it out of respect. Some people see it more now as a sign of respect and the lack of it as a lack of that respect.


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