VA Teacher WRECKS School Board, Critical Race Theory: 'You DO NOT Speak for US' (Watch)

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I wrote an article earlier today about the insanity dressed up as “critical race theory,” including an example of how the left has weaponized it and is now using CRT as leverage to exact acquiescence from those who refuse to willing to play their silly games.


We’ll get to that in a bit; this story is far more satisfying — and downright awesome.

As reported by The Daily Signal, a Loudoun County, Virginia, teacher recently went off at her school board. And while she was doing so, she burned CRT to the ground, as well.

“This school district keeps showing up in the national news.

“We are told to examine our whiteness, our white supremacy, white privilege, microaggressions upon every other thing that is stupid or racist.

“YOU are the face of privilege. YOU do not speak for us.”

Ouch. Pretty sure that left a mark. Watch:

Here’s how the Tea Partiest YouTube channel described it.

You know it’s bad when a teacher from Loudoun County, VA tears the ‘theory’ apart in front of the school board while she tears THEM up as well.

As you may have guessed, Loudoun is a fairly blue area with lots of insane ideas (they were among the first to trash Dr. Seuss).

Sounds like Critical Race Theory is not so great. Gosh, we’re shocked.

Watch this. Trust us. It’s the bomb.

This is insane, of course. As I alluded at the top, so is the following story.


So let’s do a one-word quiz.

Question: Why did a high school senior in Las Vegas fail his mandatory Critical Race Theory class?

Answer: Because he refused to confess his “whiteness” — a requirement in the class.

And now? The school is threatening him with not graduating unless he takes, in effect, a reprogramming class. Check out the insanity here.

As the tweet below reads, [a] “critical race theory workshop summed up in one pic.”

Incidentally, if you’re up for 59 minutes and 28 seconds of eye-opening truth, check out the following, compliments of The Heritage Foundation:

“The New Intolerance: Critical Race Theory and Its Grip on America.”

Critical Race Theory (CRT) and public policies based on this worldview will not alleviate racial inequality in the real world. In fact, this dogma undermines human and social factors—such as family, entry-level work, and merit-based education—the wellspring of upward mobility. Yet, the rigid persistence with which believers apply this theory has made CRT a constant, daily presence in the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

CRT underpins Identity Politics, an ongoing effort to reimagine the United States as a nation riven by the division between racial groups, each with specific claims on victimization. In education and the workforce, as well as entertainment and social media, CRT has become entrenched, driving decision-making based on skin color rather than individual merit and talent.

As Critical Theory becomes more familiar to the public in everyday life, CRT’s intolerance, and the idea of systemic racism is being “normalized” in the American psyche. This weakens public and private bonds that create trust between citizens and allow for civic engagement.

Join us for a timely conversation on CRT and how to push back against this new wave of intolerance.


As I mentioned in my earlier article, this nonsense is not only real, it’s insidious. It is to our benefit to understand it, and perhaps to our detriment if we don’t — particularly parents whose children attend government schools — and to fight against it at every opportunity.

I suppose I sometimes have a tendency to repeat myself. Then again, when something important comes down the pike, I’m good to go with doing so. Critical Race Theory and its adherents’ use of it as a weapon against school children is one of those things.

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