Question: Why Did a Biracial Student Fail 'Critical Race Theory' Class? Answer: Because He Refused to Confess His 'White Dominance'

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Unbelievable? Of course not. A biracial high school senior in Las Vegas is being threatened with not being able to graduate for failing a Critical Race Theory class because he refused to confess his “white dominance” as part of the course requirement, according to his mom.


In a crowdfunded profile posted on the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism website, Gabrielle Clark says that her son, William, was forced to take a mandatory “Sociology of Change” course at his school, Democracy Preparatory Academy in Las Vegas, as reported by Blaze Media.

“In the class, William, along with all the students, was asked to publicly reveal his race, gender, religious, and sexual identities, and then attach derogatory labels to those identities. Students were then asked to ‘undo and unlearn’ their “beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that stem from oppression.”

William was understandably reluctant to label himself as ‘privileged’ or an ‘oppressor,'” the profile goes on to say, adding that “while William is the only student in the class who appears to be white — he has light skin and green eyes — he is, in fact, mixed race.”

Does it ever randomly pop into your head how fast America’s crazy train is speeding down the track, completely out of control? Me, too.

William was given a failing grade in the course, noted Blaze. His mother filed a lawsuit against the school in December over the curriculum of the Critical Race Theory class, seeking damages after the school allegedly threatened to not allow William to graduate.


As reported by Daily Mail, the lawsuit states that the Clarks are seeking “monetary damages, including compensatory and punitive damages, for the damage done to William Clark’s future academic and professional prospects, and for the Defendants’ deliberate and protracted harassment, emotional abuse, and violation of Plaintiffs’ Constitutional Rights.”

Daily Mail added: “They also want the court to prevent the school from denying William a high school diploma and accommodate him with ‘an alternative non-discriminatory, non-confessional class’.”

Democracy Preparatory Academy refused to comment on the lawsuit, but issued one of those typical generalized responses we’ve grown to “know and love.”

“Our curriculum teaches students about American democracy and movements for social change throughout our history. We strongly disagree with how the curriculum has been characterized in this filing.”

Substack columnist Bari Weiss sided with the Clarks on Twitter.

So Gabrielle Clark filed suit in the Federal District Court of Nevada, claiming the school violated William’s First Amendment rights by “repeatedly compelling his speech involving intimate matters of race, gender, sexuality, and religion.”


You can read the case here. Weiss also tweeted a link for those who’d like to support the Clarks’ legal actions against the academy.

“This is a very important case if you care about pushing back against CRT and standing up for free thought and free expression. The Clarks need your help. Please donate to support them.”

Donations can be made here:

The insidious spread of Critical Race Theory is real, which suggests it behooves all of us to understand what it is and the danger it poses. The American Bar Association lists several “principles” of CRT on its website, including:

Recognition that race is not biologically real but is socially constructed and socially significant. It recognizes that science (as demonstrated in the Human Genome Project) refutes the idea of biological racial differences. According to scholars Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, race is the product of social thought and is not connected to biological reality.

Acknowledgment that racism is a normal feature of society and is embedded within systems and institutions, like the legal system, that replicates racial inequality. This dismisses the idea that racist incidents are aberrations but instead are manifestations of structural and systemic racism.

Rejection of popular understandings about racism, such as arguments that confine racism to a few “bad apples.” CRT recognizes that racism is codified in law, embedded in structures, and woven into public policy. CRT rejects claims of meritocracy or “colorblindness.” CRT recognizes that it is the systemic nature of racism that bears primary responsibility for reproducing racial inequality.


As I reported in September, then-President Trump ordered a purge of CRT from all Federal Government agencies. Biden rescinded Trump’s executive order on his first day in office.

Insane? To conservatives, of course. Insane to Democrats? Oh hell no. On the contrary, it is a foundational tenet of today’s left. Besides, what a great way for the Democrat Party to continue to exploit and pander to black America — which it has done for six decades.


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