Kevin Sorbo to Conservatives: If You 'Sit Back' While 'American Culture Is Being Destroyed by the Left,' You're Doing It Wrong

Kevin Sorbo to Conservatives: If You 'Sit Back' While 'American Culture Is Being Destroyed by the Left,' You're Doing It Wrong
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Over the last 12 months, we have witnessed the insidious spread of the radicalized culture of the far-left accelerate to the point that to suggest it threatens all of American society suddenly doesn’t sound all that alarmist and hyperbolic, anymore.

The question is, what are we doing about it?

Are we sitting back, watching it happen on TV? Are we wringing our hands on social media, and perhaps debating — or destoying, depending on our degree of adeptness — a far-left idiot, here and there — to make ourselves “feel good” about winning the “keyboard war”?

Conservative actor and director Kevin Sorbo has been thinking many of the same thoughts, which he shared with podcaster John Solomon on Tuesday.

First and foremost, Sorbo warned, don’t sit back while the left destroys American culture, and think “there’s nothing I can do,” so we just “got to get through this time.”

As transcribed by Just the News, Sorbo told Solomon the “biggest killer” of the conservative movement these days is “apathy.”

“Well, I think the biggest killer of the conservative party right now is apathy. I think a lot of people out there just go, ‘Well there’s nothing I can do, so we got to get through this time.’

“Reality is, culture is changing drastically and changing very quickly, and we can’t sit back. We got to fight the good fight, we got to get out there and be vocal.”

In contrast, Sorbo credited the left for its passion — as misguided as that passion might be.

“The one thing you got to give the left is the passion that they have because they do have a strong passion — unfortunately, it’s a passion for anger and hatred, destruction of America, destruction of American culture.

“And we need to fight that back. I mean, America became great on individuals, not on big government. And for the people who sit there and believe that big government’s a big thing — you saw the stats on the under-30 crowd, they think socialism, Marxism, communism is good.”

Given the events of the last year, culminating with the results of the 2020 presidential election, Sorbo told Solomon he believes the left has finally pushed conservatives too far — to that “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore” tipping point, which is waking many of us up to the stark reality that the left is waging a full-blown culture war against America as we know it that they are committed to winning.

“I think there’s a tipping point,” Sorbo said. “There’s a book called that, I think we’re at that extreme point right now. And I think people are there — you know, I said, apathy is a problem, but I still think there’s a growing number of people who said, ‘Enough is enough.'”

Perhaps because he’s an actor or perhaps because he’s right, Sorbo said if we are to “fight the culture war” and win, “the battle must be brought to Hollywood.” It seems to me that the best way to fight Hollywood and the Looney Tunes living in its bubble is to render the whole of them moot, but that’s a topic for another discussion.

“Walt Disney said back in the 1950s, ‘Movies and television will have an impact on our youth.’ And we can see it playing out right now, it certainly does. And Andrew Breitbart — God rest his soul, he was a dear friend — he said, ‘Politics is downstream of culture.’ Who runs the culture? Hollywood does.”

Sorbo, a devout Christian — not to be confused with “devout Catholic” Joe Biden, of course — believes that a greater number of people than we might think want to see “movies that have a positive message of hope, love, redemption, faith, and laughter.”

His documentary, “Before the Wrath” has been the No. 1 Christian movie on Amazon for five months. “There are “80 million households out there that want these kinds of movies,” Sorbo said. “Those are the movies that people want me to do and people want to see. Why Hollywood ignores that? I don’t get it. I don’t understand it.”

I have great respect for Kevin Sorbo. To “come out” as a conservative in Hollywood — not to mention a Christian — takes a tremendous amount of courage and conviction, given the reality that doing so all but puts one’s career in jeopardy.

Having said as much, is Sorbo right?

Is there still a culture war to fight, or has the right been “done in” by the left, yet fails to see it? Left-wing rags like the Daily Beast have declared the war won — by the left, of course, and guess who we have to blame? Yep, Donald Trump, of whom the Beast said a year ago, “came into office trying to take us back in time but instead “made Black Lives Matter more popular than it ever could have been without him.”

On the other hand, columnist David Byer, writing in a September 2019 op-ed for the Washington Post, argued that “Conservatives have already won the culture war, they just don’t know it.” While September 2019 is light-years away from February 2021, several points made by Byer remain valid.

“On the fundamental question of the culture war — how much Americans respect and want to preserve our core institutions — conservatives underestimate their strength.

“The biggest risk for the right is not that it will lose this battle. It’s that in mistaking victory for defeat, it will overreach at risk of all it has accomplished.

“Conservatives have taken losses: Marriage equality polled badly a decade ago; now it’s the overwhelmingly popular law of the land. The number of religiously unaffiliated Americans is up, and the marriage rate among younger generations is down. .

“Demographic change, religious disaffiliation and the increasing “wokeness” of corporate America all contribute to a perception that conservatives are losing — and that they need brawlers such as President Trump to fight back.”

Trump, while out of office, will continue to fight back — as will the party he re-created.

As for Sorbo, he pointed to a silver lining around the COVID pandemic.

“The one blessing of COVID was that a lot of parents found out how ridiculous it’s gotten in school. When they were homeschooling, their kids were at home on their computer and hearing their teachers say, ‘Now tell your parents to leave the room,’ basically saying … ‘We don’t want your parents to listen to what we say.'”

To that point, my earlier article, Buffalo Public Schools ‘Forces Kindergarteners to Watch Video’ of ‘Dead’ Black Children ‘Warning Them About Racist Police’, is a damn good example. These people — the rabid left — are serious. It’s past go-time.

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