Judge Jeanine Returns From Fox Censorship to Tee Off on the Election, the Left, and Hoo Boy

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Let’s revisit. Yes, Fox News suspended “Justice with Judge Jeanine” last Saturday to extend its coverage of the Biden-Harris perhaps-presumptuous celebration.


Also yes: Fox — who continues to eagerly shove its head down the ratings toilet as fast as it can — censored the judge, as I reported last Sunday, because of her outspoken commentary in support of investigating possible mass election fraud.

In her return from Fox News exile on this week’s show, Pirro was locked and loaded; pent-up with a whole lot to say about the election, the media, and the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party.

After beginning her “Opening Statement” with comments about the Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Pirro effectively laid out a case for conducting due diligence over election results that continue to alienate 73 million Trump supporters.

“The most important part of democracy is to do it correctly. The most important question tonight is did we, in 2020. There is no magic in electing a president; Americans do it every four years, just as our Founding Fathers planned.

“Yet this is a life-changing moment in American history. America will either go one way or the other. And so, it not only requires but demands all due diligence be exercised in this highly contested presidential election.

“There is both an ethical and a legal obligation to the 73 million Americans; the highest number ever to vote for a sitting president — to assure them that every legal vote is counted, and not diluted in any way.”


“Wouldn’t that be something we’d all want?”, she asked, adding, “There are several steps before this election can be called.”

“The media does not call an election. No one state has yet even certified its vote. Certification in fact has not even begun. The electors don’t vote until December 14. We have one president at a time, and until there are certifications or the electors vote on December 14, the democratic process must be allowed to play out.”

“Many questions remain,” she said. [But] “we are criticized because we are asking questions.” She pointed to changes made to election procedures in multiple states, ostensibly because of the COVID pandemic.

“Under the cover of COVID, rules were changed, providing opportunities for wrongdoers. COVID cannot be used to run herd on our constitution. COVID is not a prophylactic that prevents us from exercising our constitutional, fundamental right to vote.”

Oh, I like that: “COVID is not a prophylactic.” There’s a joke in there that suggests what happened to Trump supporters, but we’ll just let that go.

Pirro also questioned relaxed signature requirements, and dead people voting, which Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley said clearly happened, as I reported in a Thursday article titled Jonathan Turley Weighs in With Perfect Analogy of Why We Haven’t Seen Systemic Election Fraud; YET.


Pirro teed off on the hypocritical Democrats — bigly — who for four relentless years, called President Trump and his supporters every name in the book, conducted fruitless witch hunt after fruitless witch hunt, solely because they could not wrap their smug heads around the fact that the “mentally-unbalanced bloviating reality TV host” beat “the most qualified person in the history of the universe to become president.” Yet now, they want to buy us a Coke and teach us to sing in perfect harmony. That “unity” thing. Yeah, no; I’ll sit this one out.

She teed up the question of who it is exactly, that’s throwing a temper tantrum.

“The left talks about bringing the country together after they created four years of chaos, accusing Trump of sowing doubt in our democracy. Saying that his questioning of this election is a danger to America.

“As if the election process being changed in the middle of an election is no big deal. As if a little fraud is okay. And they lash out on any voting challenge, casting it as a ‘temper tantrum’ by us.”

“Really?”, she asked, rhetorically, “we are the ones having a temper tantrum?”


In a later segment, Pirro talked with Trump’s 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who is now a conservative lobbyist and commentator, about Trump’s legal fight over alleged fraud and the counting process in Philadelphia.

My RedState colleague Shipwreckedcrew reported on the ongoing challenge in Pennsylvania on Saturday in an article titled Trump Campaign Asks Pennsylvania Federal Judge To Order State To Provide Information About Mailed-In Ballots.

And as RedState’s Alex Parker reported on Thursday, noted legal scholar and political commentator Alan Dershowitz predicted on Friday that “Trump will win the Pennsylvania lawsuit.”

And if Biden does become president?

Unlike how the Democrats behaved in 2016 — the exact same way they would’ve behaved in 2020, although probably worse — Judge Jeanine said she will accept the result of the election when it is officially final — but not until.


“The question is, will any of these allegations affect a sufficient number of votes to change the result of the election? Maybe yes, and maybe no. If the answer is President Trump did not win, then on January 20, Joe Biden will be my president. But until then President Trump is my president because America has only one president at a time.”

“And in the meantime,” she admonished the Left, and presumably their loyal media lapdogs, “Please don’t tell me that we cannot examine the ballots. Please do not tell me that we cannot pursue these irregularities. That’s laughable. The Left didn’t stop on Election Day in 2016.”

Judge Jeanine was right. And they still haven’t stopped gnashing their bitter, hypocritical teeth over 2016. They never will. And that makes me smile. You?

In other election-related news, check out the most recent histrionics at The Most Trusted Name in News™ in my article titled Watch: CNN Crybabies Whine About Big Bad Meanie Trump ‘Stealing Moment of National Pride’.


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