Watch: CNN Crybabies Whine About Big Bad Meanie Trump 'Stealing Moment of National Pride'

Not that the bitter CNN bedwetters didn’t already loathe the very ground on which Donald Trump walks, but his refusal to heed the admonition of the Democrat state media and immediately concede an election that has yet to be certified has their TDS-riddled panties in a wad more than they normally are — which is pretty wadded up.


On one hand, the sock puppets of CNN have been gushing over Biden non-stop, but on the other hand, “they mad” at big bad meanie Donald Trump for continuing to rain all over their self-declared victory parade. They really mad.

Snotty Alisyn Camerota led the “whaaa!” parade on Friday morning:

“This should be a moment of national pride. But President Trump is stealing that moment of national pride for us, that we did something so well, because he’s tainting it.”

That we did so well? Why it’s almost like Camerota was suggesting she and the MSM helped Biden “win,” huh? [Shocked face emoji.]

And, yeah, Donald! Shame on you! Not only are you continuing to steal CNN’s moment of “national” (please) pride; you’re “tainting” all over it (if you know what I mean).

CNN political analyst Toluse Olorunnipa agreed wholeheartedly — and called Trump “a loser” in the process.

“The only problem is that we have a President who decides that because he lost the election, he wants to cast doubt on the entire process.” “…he cannot stomach the idea he’s going to be a one-term President and be put down in history as a loser, to a certain extent, something that he has fought against for the better part of his time on Earth.”

(Note to self: By extension, I am also a “loser,” along with the other almost 73 million Americans who voted for Trump.)


When Camerota left Fox News in 2014 and signed with CNN, she referred to the self-ordained Most Trusted Name in News™ as “the gold standard.” The obviousness of her believing that more than ever is a testament to her “character,” if there ever was one.

Anyway, co-host John Berman kicked the crazy up a notch, speculating on whether Trump is planning a coup or a con on the American people, while CNN global affairs analyst Susan Glasser said: “Look, Trump has set up this situation, where truth is somehow an act of opposition to the President.”

Can’t get it out of your head, can you? “The Most Trusted Name in News™” hilarity.

Incidentally, not to be outdone, CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, who cleared space in his head for Trump to live 24×7 the nanosecond after the “big meanie” was declared the winner of the 2016 election, boasted on Friday night’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that Trump is “just [going] back to being another crackpot on the Internet.”

“He’s been tweeting this evening, talking about how he’s won this state and that state. We have to pay attention to those tweets now, Anderson, because he’s the president. After January 20th, he just goes back to being another crackpot on the Internet.”

Once a jackass class act, always a class act, eh, Jimbo?

Whether or not massive election fraud occurred or not remains to be seen. But what has been clear as a bell — for four years, and continuing — bigly — post-election, is the combined efforts of Big Tech and the liberal media to torpedo not only Donald Trump’s presidency but to destroy the man completely.


Donald Trump’s presidency may not survive the onslaught, but Donald Trump the man isn’t going anywhere, I suspect, and the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Jack Dorsey and Twitter, along with Jeff Zuckerberg and Facebook, might yet live to regret what they have done. Not just to Donald Trump; but also to the nearly 73 million Americans who support him. Just sayin’.

Speaking of Democrat hypocrisy, check out my RedState colleague Sister Toldjah’s earlier article about the-always hypocritical Nancy Pelosi — who has become even more delusional than her normal self, as I reported yesterday — titled Marie Antoinette Pelosi Busted Big Time for Planned Ritzy Indoor Dinner, What Happened Next Was Just Desserts.


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