EPA Investigates EPA: Find Themselves At Fault in Colorado Mine Spill

The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, has announced that 540 Tons of Metals were dumped into Colorado waterways. Aluminum, Iron and other metallic compounds turned rivers in three states yellow in 2015. An investigation conducted by the EPA found that the EPA was responsible for the mine spill, which caused millions in damage in at least three states. You read that correctly. The EPA found itself responsible for the pollution they are charged with preventing. Why does this agency exist again?


An EPA-led contractor inadvertently triggered the 3-million-gallon spill while doing preliminary cleanup work at the old Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado. The blowout affected rivers in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

The EPA said in its report that only 1 percent of the metals came from inside the mine, while 99 percent were “scoured” from waste piles on nearby hills and stream beds. The iron and aluminum reacted with the river water to cause the eye-catching mustard color that was visible for days as the plume traveled down the river system into Lake Powell, the EPA said.

Besides iron and aluminum, the spill released manganese, lead, copper, arsenic, zinc, cadmium and a small amount of mercury into the river, the EPA said.

The EPA said last month it will pay $4.5 million to state, local and tribal governments for their emergency responses, but the agency rejected $20.4 million in other requests for past and future expenses.

New Mexico Environment Secretary Butch Tongate accused the EPA of using the taxpayer-funded report to try to defend its actions. The state has sued the agency over the spill.


So the EPA has conducted an investigation, in which they conclude the EPA is at fault. This is a huge waste of Taxpayer dollars all the way around. Forget Erin Brockovich and the “evil corporations”, these guys at the EPA are the worst. Their entire existence hinges on their ability to “protect” the environment, when their own contractors violate the laws of man and nature, what is the point?


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