Biden’s Support Among Young Voters in Georgia Is Collapsing

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The latest poll in another important state—Georgia—spells trouble for President Joe Biden. Former President Donald Trump is up by five points in the new Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll. Trump garnered 43 percent of the vote, while Biden received 38 percent. 


Georgia is crucial for both candidates, as it has recently turned into a swing state. The 2020 presidential election in the state was decided by less than 12,000 votes, which shows how critical every vote is, and neither candidate can afford to lose a chunk of their base. 

Well, this most recent poll shows Biden with just 12 percent of the youth vote among those aged 18 to 29. You read that right, 12 percent. This should raise the alarm in Biden HQ, but they may dismiss it as "right-wing propaganda," just like they dismissed fewer black voters supporting Biden this time around.

The same poll shows Trump at 37 percent and Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at 29 percent. Georgia could be a state where RFK Jr. pulls more votes from Biden than Trump, which could propel Trump to a win in the swing state.

Decision Desk HQ predicts Trump has a 63 percent chance to win Georgia, but voters can't get complacent. They must show up in big numbers and vote to guarantee Trump winning state. 

Although Biden has pandered to the young voters, it does not seem to be resonating with many of them. They can't afford to buy a home because of high interest rates, low supply of properties, and high demand. Gas prices were through the roof and are still much higher than they were when Trump was in office, food prices are higher, and just about everything in between. Some see the American Dream slipping away and want to change course by voting Biden out, as well as those who are pushing leftist policies that drive up gas prices and their trillions in spending that drive up inflation. 


Young voters drifting away from Biden and the Democrat Party does not necessarily mean they will automatically be conservative and join the Republican Party, but it does one of two things for the GOP: It boosts Trump's chance of winning if those who voted for Biden but now feel betrayed stay home or vote third party, or they outright vote for Trump in November which will only benefit him and hurt Biden's chances of winning.


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