Two Young Voters Give Perfect Illustration Why They Left the Democrat Party

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Just when the Biden campaign thought they could buy young people's votes by canceling massive amounts of student debt, the opposite effect seems to be taking place. 


Two young voters, Grace Guentzel and Becky Oliveira, told Fox News host Lawrence Jones that they will not vote for President Joe Biden in November. Some of the reasons they gave were the open borders and cashless bail. 

Oliveira lives in New York City and gave an interesting perspective on why she became a Democrat in the first place:

I grew up in the social media culture that was very dominated by left-wing propaganda, for lack of a better word, that was pushed to me through the algorithms, and I accepted it. I accepted it wholeheartedly. I loved it. I was very into it, until I started to come out of it and realized that a lot of what I believed was very emotional and not really based in logic or fact.

To be fair, that's what the Democrats bank on when trying to appease young voters. Young people think emotionally rather than logically, especially when attending a university, but as they pay more attention and get out of their bubble, they realize that what the Democrats are selling -- free college tuition, the Green New Deal, and Medicare for All -- is only a fantasy. They preach about things that sound good, particularly to college students, talking points that make it seem like Democrats care about the people when in reality, the policies are nearly impossible to enact. 


Oliveira continued, saying:

So, once I started to have that realization, it really all came to a head around 2020, when I started to see how Democratic policies were playing out in my city. Cashless bail, for one. The riots after the killing of George Floyd. Madison Avenue being completely decimated by these roving bands of rioters.

As much as Democrats want to focus on what took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, many people still remember the riots during the "Summer of Love" vividly. They remember that the Democrat district attorneys did nothing to stop small businesses and stores like Footlocker from being looted; they did nothing in terms of prosecuting the criminals. 

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Guentzel chimed in, saying:

For me, it really came down to just looking at the nuance and doing my own research. I feel like I surrounded myself with a lot of Democrats and was kind of in that culture, so it was normal for me, but I think once I started to do my research and understand the nuance, because I kind of saw things as very one-sided, but once I kind of got out of that … cycle and stopped only surrounding myself with one kind of people, I think I started kind of leaving the hole that I was in and … came more towards the right.

It does not necessarily mean people who feel this way are conservative, but what it shows is that the Democrat party has gone so far to the left that some liberals feel politically homeless.


Oliveira told Jones that she will vote for Trump in November, as Guentzel has not decided yet who to pick. She added:

For me, I just know that I won’t be voting for Joe Biden because I know we can’t have another four years of open borders and things of that nature. 

It sounds like she will be choosing between Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Among many other issues, young people can't afford to buy a home due to high interest rates, high demand, and low supply. That could be one of the reasons they are leaning towards Trump because they saw what interest rates were like under his watch.

The Biden campaign has yet another group to pander to if he wants to get the same amount of young people who voted for him in 2020 to vote for him in 2024, but the reality is that many young voters are not as enthusiastic about Biden and that should cause concern for Biden HQ, as Trump seems to gain ground among the youth. 


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