RFK Jr. Warns of the Danger of a Potential Nuclear War, If Joe Biden Is in the White House

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Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (I) joined the "Impact Theory Podcast" hosted by Tom Bilyeu, in an interview taped on Thursday, where they spoke about various topics, including President Biden, the 2024 election, and a potential nuclear war. A preview clip of the interview has been released (see the end of the article).


Kennedy had this to say about Biden:

You look at President Biden, I worry. Every time I see him on TV, I think of all of us; it's like watching your five-year-old play on a jungle gym for the first time. You're like, oh my God, I hope he doesn't fall or something.

He later shifted the conversation and began speaking about a potential nuclear war:

But the bad part of it is if you look at this man, and we're right, closer now to nuclear exchange than at any time since 1962. The Russians today fired, I think, two or three missiles off the shore of Cuba, and they're talking about nuclear war. The Russians have 2,500 more weapons than we do, they have better defense weapons than we do.

The latest Pentagon report showed that if in a nuclear exchange, that we would lose 90 million Americans within the first 24 hours and 90 million over six months after nuclear exchange. And you don't have anybody in the White House who seems to be thinking this through.


These statements by Kennedy are exactly why the DNC is suing to keep him and vice presidential candidate Nicole Shanahan off state ballots. It's also why Biden and the Democrats did everything possible to keep him off the debate stage. 

Kennedy shifted his attention to the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken:

It's Tony Blinken, who was on stage in Kyiv the other night playing a guitar at a concert, while 500,000 kids are dying down the street, and he's in a rock concert. In the end, he stands up like the hero and says we will never abandon Ukraine.

Whether you agree with Kennedy's stance on the issues or not, he speaks his mind, which frightens the Democrats. 

Kennedy continued criticizing the Biden administration on its ability to answer that "3 a.m. phone call":

There are no adults in the room, and you say President Biden is the guy who has the [nuclear] football; he has to make the call. They wake him up at 3 o'clock in the morning; you have six minutes to make the call. 

Six minutes to decide whether to retaliate, to send the missiles up. And during that six minutes, he's being pushed by six Secret Servicemen through a hallway as fast as he can go, through one of the tunnels below the White House, which I've been in, and they're pushing him to the bunker.


Kennedy did not hold back on criticizing Biden's weaknesses on foreign policy: 

So he has to make a call that's going to affect all of our children, all of humanity. 

And you know, don't want somebody who's on the ball and who's thinking this through, and who's just not cognitively impaired to do that?

Former President Trump has the opportunity to mention these points during the first presidential debate with Biden, and open undecided voters' eyes to the danger that Biden and his administration pose for the nation's future. 

The full podcast episode will be available on June 25, but you can watch part of the conversation below:


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