Former Democrat Mega-Donor, Now RFK Jr.'s VP Candidate, Says the Party ‘Hates Democracy’

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Former Democrat mega-donor and current Independent vice presidential candidate for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Nicole Shanahan, is speaking out against the Democrat machine. 


The conversation about democracy began with FOXLA anchor Elex Michaelson asking Shanahan, "What state are you most likely to win?"

Shanahan said:

"Well, we're not going to give away our full path to victory strategy, but we have a five-inch thick strategy document that we're following."

Michaelson follows up by asking, "There are a lot of people that want to support you, that want to donate, but maybe are thinking they can't win so I'm not going to support them. What do you say to those people?" She said:

We can most definitely win. We have a very thorough strategy and a path towards victory. We will be on 50 ballots.

We have a very strong legal team, one of the most motivated legal teams, to defend every ballot petition lawsuit we're receiving from the DNC, PACs aligned with the DNC that are undermining democracy, in my opinion, to try to keep us off the ballot. I’ve never met a party that hates democracy more than the current leadership within the Democratic Party.

But regardless, we love democracy and we're fighting tooth and nail for it, and we will have success. We have had success. We have submitted more signatures than any independent candidate in history, just to get on the ballot.


It's not a secret that RFK Jr. and Shanahan are a threat to the Democrat National Committee (DNC), and that is why the DNC is doing everything possible to give the Independent ticket a bad rep. 

The DNC decided to hire Lis Smith, who is one of the biggest Democrat operatives, for the role of making sure Democrats and Independents knew every small detail possible about Kennedy, in hopes of turning people away from him.

If you look at Kennedy's policies and beliefs, he is an old-school liberal, whereas the current Democrat party holds the modern and fringe leftist policy stance: 

What happened to the democracy that Democrats love to tout? One person, one vote, no matter who that person chooses to vote for, as long as the people rule and choose who they think will best lead the country. That's the very definition of democracy. Instead, the DNC filed a complaint over Kennedy's super PAC's effort to put him on state ballots. They are openly undermining democracy and don't want anybody else running for president besides Biden and Trump because they believe that will help Biden's chances of winning. Unfortunately for them, that is not how a democracy works. 


Although Kennedy and Shanahan's chances of winning are very slim, they seem to have the most momentum of any recent third-party ticket. Whether their being on the ballot will hurt Biden or Trump remains to be seen. 

Shanhan's point remains: The Democrat party hates democracy. If it truly cared about democracy and "fought" for it, it would not be doing everything in its power to keep Kennedy off the debate stage and keep the ticket off state ballots. Yet, it keeps making the claim:



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