What Biden Is Practicing for the Debate May Just Be the Funniest (and Saddest) Report Yet

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We've been covering some of the debate prep that Joe Biden has been doing in the run-up to the first debate, which is less than a week away. 

Biden is currently holed up at Camp David, reportedly until the debate, practicing with advisors. 


However, his team appears to be leaking like sieves. I'm not sure exactly why they're leaking, because it's producing reports that are not helpful for him. I've already written about how they've tipped to expect "surprises" from Biden. If you have to promise surprises, you're already implicitly pointing out how the public thinks you need improvement of some sort. 

If you're tipping that he may call former President Donald Trump a "convicted felon," as one report from the AP said, you're stupid because you're giving away your strategy. If Trump didn't already anticipate that, you've now given him time to prepare a response. I think he should laugh at Biden and call him desperate, pointing out how most think it's a political effort, and then get right back to hitting Biden on his record. 


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But the folks doing the leaking weren't done yet. And we may have the dumbest leak yet.  

Check out this ABC report about how Joe Biden is practicing mock, 90-minute debates including "standing up on his feet the entire time, trying to mirror what he's going to have to do in real-time next week."


Um, if you have to practice standing for 90 minutes, you may just have a problem. Why would people leak that? Do they think that will put fear into the Trump team? 

That's both funny and incredibly sad at the same time, that he has to practice that. Is that the "surprise" in the "physical performance" that they promised -- that he'll be able to stand up? Unfortunately, he probably could use the "practice" in that regard. 

But this is just getting ridiculous at this point. The problem is if he has to do all this for 90 minutes of simple questions he should know the answers to off the top of his head, you know how far gone he is. 

Plus, this debate isn't about whether he can stand for 90 minutes or whether he manages not to trip all over himself getting on and off the stage. It's about his failed policies, how much he's hurting Americans and this country, and how he should be soundly defeated in the best interests of the nation. 


People are speculating about "juicing," and Biden getting the questions in advance. But the thing is: He can't argue away that his record has been worse than Trump's. 

That's what needs to be driven home here -- how everything he has done, from Afghanistan to the border to inflation, has been a mess. And that's why Americans, when they think about the two records, have been putting Trump ahead in the polls. 


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