Must Watch: Parents Relentlessly Grill Union Head Randi Weingarten Over Public School Failures

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

The Democrat allies in the teachers union set have officially overplayed their hand. Parents are sick of their games and delays and selfish excuses while students languish under terrible COVID policies and pathetic education rates. The mainstream media’s wagons have not been enough to hide their perpetual circle-jerk in 2021. Before the pandemic, parents could ignore their growing concerns because the rest of society was humming along, providing a shiny veneer to distract us all. Public schools might not be the best but at least there was a place to send our children during the day to learn some things. At least we had options for extra-curricular programs and activities to fill in the gaps. At least we had politicians coming out every election cycle to tell us that just a few more dollars would solve our education crisis. 


Now the cupboard is bare. Kids in places like New York and Los Angeles are still being locked out of schools. You can’t tell a parent that you need more money to improve education when that parent isn’t even allowed to send their child to the school you’re saying needs more of their paycheck every week. Many camps and extracurricular activities (especially in True Blue™ cities) are closed or modified to the point that they are unusable. There is nothing left to distract us from the abject failure of public schooling and the teachers unions.

The proof is in the pudding. AFT President Randi Weingarten has been fighting to prevent schools from opening across the country for a year. We’ve even come to learn that she personally lobbied the CDC to frame their language around mask mandates and school openings for children. After nearly two years of being lectured about “following the science”, parents are rightly miffed that a union representative would have any say in CDC-issued guidelines regarding health.

Science, my ass.

When Weingarten appeared on CSPAN earlier this week, she no longer had the cover of her media lapdogs or call-screeners. She had to face the wrath of parents calling in all on her own and it was not pretty. A compiled collection of outraged parents giving it to the union head show Weingarten to be obviously out of her depth. She’s not used to being challenged but we no longer have the shiny veneers to cover up the sins of her union. Almost as delightful as the shellacking are the looks of pain and discomfort on Weingarten’s face.


Many thanks to ChoiceMedia for staying on this beat and keeping us informed of the pathetic direction unions have decided to take public schooling.

You can view Weingarten’s responses in the second video below.


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