Teachers Union Head Has a Huge Self-Awareness Fail About Schools, Plus a Big Math Problem

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Today, we have more for you about the raging hypocrisy of American Federation of Teachers head, Randi Weingarten.

Weingarten raised questions about the CDC scaling back recommended social distancing for kids in schools from six feet to three feet. That would allow more schools to be open sooner, but she wasn’t accepting it.


Then, she was caught on multiple trips meeting with other union people, in some cases with the people unmasked and in some cases, in very close quarters.

Just a note, it’s New Mexico — not Mexico — but you get the point.

It’s this kind of attitude that we see with Weingarten which has contributed to why many schools are still not open for in-person learning. Kids are suffering as a result, taking a real hit socially, mentally, and educationally.

So, Weingarten had a lot of nerve to post about mothers with young children leaving the workforce, when she’s contributed to that very thing because of her own actions.

People were not shy about letting Weingarten know what they thought.


But, then there was something more. That “ridiculous number.” What was that percent again? Doesn’t this say everything that this is the head of a teachers union? How do you get more than 100% having to quit? This is an educator?


She later did correct it, after she got a lot of backlash.

Is there any wonder why schools are in such trouble and students come out lacking in knowledge in a lot of areas? It’s because you have people like this in charge. She provides, once again, an excellent reason that people should send their kids to private school or homeschool them. If there’s one thing that the reaction to the pandemic might have done is bring those alternatives home to many parents.

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