The Kira Davis Show, Ep.1: Pettiness in the Pandemic Age

Welcome to the first episode of The Kira Davis Show, Townhall Media’s most Kira Davis-y podcast across the entire family of blog sites.

You won’t find a more Kira Davis-y podcast anywhere else in America. You don’t even need to fact check this.

The Kira Davis Show takes on emerging news, hot topics and cultural issues. How is this any different from the several hundred other podcasts about emerging news, hot topics and cultural issues? Well, this one has Kira Davis…obviously.  And this one is available exclusively to our VIP subscribers. You get to be an early adopter. Just think…someday you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren, “I listened to Kira Davis before it was cool!”

Congratulations to you for being ahead of your time and smarter than every single human being around you (unless they are also subscribers to this podcast). If you’d like to share this special honor with friends, let them know that a VIP Gold subscription gets them access to all the exclusive content from across the Townhall family of sites. They can get unique content from their favorite personalities like Larry O’Connor, Kurt Schlichter, Guy Benson and Katie Pavlich. And because we are benevolent capitalists, we have a special discount for the smart people out there…use my code KIRA at checkout and you’ll get the hookup.

Thanks so much for listening and feel free to check out my other podcast “Just Listen to Yourself”, available anywhere you find your podcasts.

This week we discuss beach closures in California and the pettiness of Governor Gavin Newsom.



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