Actor Matt Damon: I'm Not a Big Believer in Walls

This image released by Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures shows Matt Damon as William Garin in a scene from "The Great Wall." (Jasin Boland/Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures via AP)

Ahhhh, hypocrisy. Thy name is Maaaaatt Daaaaamooon.


In an interview about his new movie “The Great Wall”, actor Matt Damon naturally had to discuss the other “great wall” that is on the minds of so many these days, the one being proposed for our southern border. He told People magazine that despite starring in a movie he’d like you to pay to see in which the premise rests on a wall of protection he isn’t really a fan of them.


“I’m not a believer in walls. I believe that history belongs to the cooperators and nor am I of a mind that Mexico is going to pay for our infrastructure anymore than we’re going to pay for their highways, you know what I mean?”

History actually does not belong to the cooperators, Mr. Damon. What does that even mean? History belongs to the victor. That other thing is just something you made up. It’s gibberish.

Will Mexico pay for the wall, if it even happens? I don’t know.

Is Matt Damon at this very moment tearing down the gates of his mansion and removing the walls of his home?

I doubt it.

Walls for thee but not for me!

Oh, Matt. Bless your heart.



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