Justin Timberlake Could Go to Jail for Voting Booth Selfie

photo pulled from instagram

Justin Timberlake is proud to participate in the American electoral process. So much so that on Monday he posted a selfie in the voting booth while casting a ballot in his home state of Tennessee.



However, his efforts to encourage others to get out to vote may have landed him in some hot water. TMZ is reporting that the singer’s social media snap is currently ‘under review’ for possibly violating Tennessee law.

Justin Timberlake could go to jail for 30 days for taking a selfie in a voting booth.

JT posted a pic of himself back home Monday at the polling place. Problem is … Tennessee law prohibits voters from taking pics or recording conversations in the sacred rooms. Violators can be slapped with a 30 day jail sentence and a $50 fine.

A rep from the Shelby County D.A.’s Office tells us, the Timberlake case is “under review.”

The law was passed last year, but we’re told so far no one has been prosecuted.

An official from the election’s board where Justin voted is clearly against prosecution, telling us he should be commended, not prosecuted, for inspiring people to get out and vote.


Timberlake was also the subject of social media scandal earlier in the year after some Black Lives Matter activists accused him of culturally appropriating black music after he expressed support for their cause. Something tells us if he can withstand the banshee-like screams of thousands of social justice warriors raised in unison and amplified by social media, the singer should be able to get out of this jam unscathed.

It is hard to imagine the state of Tennessee will actually prosecute this case, but let this be a lesson: the voting booth is private, social media is not. Some spaces are sacred, even in 2016.




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