BREAKING: Eco-Terrorists Dump Paint on 18th Green During Finish of PGA Final Round (Video)

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Environmental terrorists (that’s what they are) recently defaced Stonehenge. We saw the result of them spraying orange paint on the 5,000-year-old archeological relic and iconic symbol 


They have been seen taking their paint and smearing it across priceless works of art, and across the glass protecting the Constitution. They have swarmed sporting events and generally, they are caught quickly – usually, broadcasters cut to something else and don’t give the protestors the airtime.  

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The Congressional Baseball charity game was interrupted by protestors. They were quickly apprehended and taken away. I would prefer that they get airtime so people can see what complete wastes of oxygen they are.  

WATCH: Protesters Storm the Field at Congressional Baseball Game, Before Getting Tackled, Dragged Away

On Sunday, I was watching the final round of the signature golf tournament in Connecticut – The Travelers. The best golfers on the planet, Scottie Scheffler and Tom Kim, were in a battle for the win. Kim was one stroke behind and Schefler needed a birdie to seal the win. As both men were sizing up their puts, a group of eco-terrorists jumped out of the crowd, surrounded the 18th green, and stormed out toward the green. The first jerk had a flare in hand, and two others had paint; they rushed onto the green, dumping red and white paint.  


Here is what happened:  

The police were quick to react (albeit too late to stop them from getting onto the green). Play was stopped, and the officials had to figure out how to clean up the green. The players waited about 10 minutes for an answer. The greens were cleaned up by blowing the paint off with a blower and spot-cleaning the area with towels.  

Until each state passes laws that make this a felony with mandatory prison time, this will continue to happen.  

The one good thing? The crowd of spectators of several thousand followed the boos with chants of “USA! USA! USA!"

By the way, Scheffler won the tournament.USA! USA! USA!



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