'Just Stop Oil' Activists Attack Stonehenge, Get Demolished by Historic Site's Account, Community Notes

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Radicals don't have any compunctions about the actions they take when it comes to their anti-fossil fuel agenda. They've done everything from attacking famous works of art to gluing themselves to roads and blocking traffic. They even went after the Magna Carta last month. 


None of what they do has done anything to stop people from using fossil fuels. If anything, it just tends to make people -- even those who might possibly agree with them -- mad at them when they do such crazy things. It brings the right and even some liberals together to decry such actions. 

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But they really went over the edge when they attacked Stonehenge with orange powder.

"Stonehenge at solstice is all about celebrating the natural world — but look at the state it’s in! We all have a right to live a life free from suffering, but continued burning of oil, coal and gas is leading to death and suffering on an unparalleled scale," said 21-year-old Oxford student Niamh Lynch, who participated in the stunt.

These people are just irredeemably self-involved. They think what they want trumps everything else, even protecting ancient historical monuments. Indeed, they tried to justify themselves, claiming what they did would do no harm to the monument. 


They claimed that the stuff they spayed on the monument "will soon wash away with the rain, but the urgent need for effective government action to mitigate the catastrophic consequences of the climate and ecological crisis will not." 

So let's see: the environment is being damaged, so let's damage an ancient historical site that has nothing at all to do with whatever it is that they're yelling about, no connection to the oil industry? How does that even make any sense? 

Both the Stonehenge X account and Community Notes weren't having any of that excuse, and they just nuked the activists. 

"Stonehenge is protected by the ancient monuments act and it is a criminal offence to damage the Stones," the Stonehenge account explained. 

They pulled no punches in what they thought was going to happen to the people involved, "There are also multiple rare lichen species growing on the stones that are also protected. Expect a prison sentence."


Community notes also nuked the activists, "Stonehenge is a UNESCO world heritage site. There are multiple protection orders in place. Any damage to the site is a criminal offence."

These characters don't seem to get they're only making people more disturbed at them, not helping their "cause."

They had been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage, damaging an ancient monument and deterring a person from engaging in a lawful activity.

English Heritage said the orange paint had been removed using a "specialist handheld blower".

It told the BBC that if rain had come into contact with the powder, damage could have been significant.

But being arrested for damaging an ancient monument may just have brought them some real repercussions. 


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