Incredible: 'Just Stop Oil' Defaced Stonehenge, American Bros Showed Up and Relentlessly Bullied Them

AP Photo/Kin Cheung

It's Friday, and we could all probably use a little good news. Thankfully, American bros are once again providing it. 

As RedState reported, protesters from the climate change cult 'Just Stop Oil' recently defaced Stonehenge. Video of the incident showed several people spraying what they claimed was "orange cornflour" on some of the ancient rock formations. Some bystanders intervened, attempting to pull the protesters away from the monument. 


SEE: 'Just Stop Oil' Activists Attack Stonehenge

Those weren't the only bystanders to get involved, though. According to Rajan Naidu, a 73-year-old protester who took part in the desecration, some "young Americans, led by males" showed up and proceeded to relentlessly bully them.

One of the Just Stop Oil protesters who vandalized Stonehenge on Wednesday said that American males taunted him at the site of the demonstration.

The disruptive climate protest outfit — which indirectly receives funding from wealthy American liberals via a U.S.-based nonprofit — hosted a Friday Zoom call for Rajan Naidu, a 73-year-old activist for Just Stop Oil who partook in a protest in which he and another activist sprayed orange paint on the prehistoric monument. Naidu recalled that a group of young Americans, led by males, made fun of him and his organization while he staged the protest, chanting “Oil” and otherwise mocking the demonstration and its intentions.


Naidu says that the American bros were shouting "oil" while saying they were going to use even more of it. 

“We avoided eye contact because people were trying to send hostile messages to us. There was a group of young American people, mainly males, who just kept up a continuous barking and shouting (of) what they thought were clever, provocative things, because this action was in support of Just Stop Oil. They started chanting ‘Oil,’ and boasting that they would go back and use even more oil.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Someone smart once said that, right? Believe it or not, that's a principle that applies to politics as well. For every woke left-wing white woman lecturing on racism and eating bugs, there's someone out there who has had enough, and it sure seems like young American men have had enough. 

More and more, we are seeing stories of "frat bros" and similar demographics standing up to the woke left. Back in April, male students at UNC Chapel Hill famously held up an American flag while pro-Hamas protesters attempted to damage it and hoist a Palestinian one. 


Then there was this absolutely incredible moment. It almost brings a tear to your eye. This is still the greatest country on earth.

Amid all the doom and gloom, there's hope. Maybe, just maybe, we're going to make it after all.



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