FOIA Requests Reveal That Biden's Dog Attacked Multiple Secret Service Agents Over Several Months

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

When my family moved to California, we traveled in a station wagon. I think my dad should have pulled a Mitt Romney and put our dog in a cage on the roof. Instead, our dog was in the back, near me. I was 6. Our German shepherd was named Prince. I think his full name was the Prince of Darkness. He didn’t like me. For the better part of 1,000 miles, I made a conscious effort to avoid making eye contact. I could feel him staring at me. I told my parents, but they thought I was making it up. Prince hadn’t bitten anyone at that point. He’s a great “family pet,” I was told. 


A few years later, I walked into our living room and put my hand out to touch Prince. My right arm was instantly in his mouth. For a few seconds, he tossed me around like a shark with a fish in its mouth. My dad grabbed Prince, and my mom grabbed me. I was headed to the hospital. Prince was headed to the vet and a needle. 

One bite and common sense informed my dad that Prince was a dangerous animal. 

Joe and Jill Biden have exhibited some amazing talents. One is the ability to ignore common sense. We all know of Biden’s German Shepard Commander being more likely to bite someone than wag its tail. The White House hoped to put Commander's attacks behind it. Not so fast, White House. Judicial Watch made another FOIA demand. It reports on the following email between Secret Service officials: 

POTUS took Commander (on a leash) to the Kennedy Garden this evening for a walk. While POTUS and Commander were in the Kennedy Garden I was standing half way from the Book-Sellers and the Family Theater. POTUS opened the Book-Seller door and said [redacted]. As I started to walk toward him to see if he needed help, Commander ran through his legs and bit my left arm through the front of my jacket. I pulled my arm away and yelled no. POTUS also yelled [redacted] to Commander. POTUS then [redacted]. I obliged and Commander let me pet him. When turning to close the door, Commander jumped again and bit my left arm for the second time. POTUS again yelled at Commander and attached the leash to him. My suit coat has 3 holes,1 being all the way through. No skin was broken.  


Two things are glaringly obvious. Joe Biden has a monumental sense of entitlement and thinks of the Secret Service are nothing more than his handmaids. The other is revealed in the last redaction. 

POTUS also yelled [redacted] to Commander. POTUS then [redacted]. I obliged and Commander let me pet him.

(emphasis mine)

After Commander attacked the agen, Biden told the agent something. The next sentence tells us the agent “obliged” and petted Commander. It’s rather clear that Biden ordered the Secret Service agent, who had just been attacked, to pet his attack dog. 

Judicial Watch also notes:

A September 27, 2023, email from a Secret Service worker’s compensation official in the Safety, Health & Environmental Division writes to several colleagues: “Heads up and FYI. TMZ just reported a dog bite at the White House! Can we please find a way to get this dog muzzled.” 

A colleague asks, “How does TMZ know before we do???” An official in the same division responds “Not sure. We must get this dog muzzled.” Another replies, “Geezzzz…”. Another adds, “Unbelievable!” 

In the span of four months, Biden's attack dog bit seven different people. Commander's biting incidents were in the double digits. His rampage lasted months, not days or minutes. Although some of Biden’s leg-humpers have dismissed this as an “excited” dog and that he was "adjusting to his surroundings," Commander's behavior and Biden's refusal to deal with it tells us a lot about Joe Biden. It demonstrates that the Bidens knew that Commander was a nasty, exceedingly out-of-control animal that had no business being in the White House. Biden wouldn’t do anything about Commander because Joe Biden is an entitled, narcissistic jerk. 


Admitting that his dog is a nasty biter would have been admitting to a mistake. Biden, and to a lesser degree, his wife, couldn't admit to this mistake even when their dog bit multiple people, including the people charged with his protection. It took someone in the Secret Service going to news outlets to reveal the truth.    



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