Commander, the Wonder (Bite) Dog

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Joe Biden’s best friend (other than, perhaps, the legacy media) is Commander, the German Shepherd that is often found at old Joe’s side – or at the Secret Service detail’s ankles. And old Joe could use a best friend right now. Problem is, Commander isn’t a very good friend to anyone else.


The Biden family dog, Commander Biden, has bitten numerous Secret Service agents. But the White House is excusing the repeated “aggressive behavior.”

Newly released emails show that Secret Service officials have documented at least 10 incidents of “aggressive behavior” and biting by the first dog, Commander, a 2-year-old German Shepherd. In at least one incident, a Secret Service agent was sent to the hospital after Commander bit him multiple times.

Is Commander trying to tell us something?

Six of the documented incidents, in fact, required medical attention.

And it could be worse than that. Judicial Watch, which obtained the emails, only received messages from October 2022 to January 2023. That means incidents that have occurred since then are not included.

I think Commander is trying to tell us something. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said:

As you all know, the White House complex can be unique and very stressful. And that is something I’m sure you all can understand.

It is unique and it is stressful for all of us, so you can imagine what it’s like for a family pet and family pets.

Stressful it is, and stressful it will continue to be, especially with the first son’s ongoing legal troubles and that pesky extra granddaughter people keep asking about. Oh, and a war that old Joe seems determined to drag us into. But Commander surely isn’t interested in those things; it may be a dog’s life, living in the White House, but dogs have lived there before without taking the occasional nosh at the President’s protective detail. Why is Commander different?


Well, he isn’t. And the situation goes back to the early days of Joe’s tenure as President. Former Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed to have found the issue, but I’m skeptical. As our own SisterToldjah described it:

And then I watched White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s answer to a hard-hitting (not) question from MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski about what reportedly happened, and it reminded me of the continued transparency issues and all the times Psaki has dodged and weaved over the last several weeks when reporters have asked when Biden’s first formal solo press conference would be:

So, we’ve gone from an anonymously sourced article where “no comment” was given to “I don’t have any updates” from the White House on a friggin’ story about the White House dogs? So much for the most transparent administration ever, I guess.

Clearly the Bidens have a Major problem with their dogs. The problem may be more obvious than it would seem at first glance; think about it some. If you were forced to live with the Bidens, would it turn you mean? Because I think that would do the trick for me.

On a more serious note: It’s been some years, but in my day I’ve trained up a few bird dogs, most notably a Springer Spaniel and a Labrador Retriever. Different dogs with different temperaments, sure. But from those experiences, and from a lot of reading I did while training those dogs, I learned a thing or two about canine behavior, and one of the things I learned is that for most dogs, if it has a biting problem, it’s the owner’s fault.


It may be due to mistreatment, or it may be due to just neglect or poor socialization, but it’s usually the owner’s fault. What we don’t know, and the White House spokesdroids won’t admit, is precisely what the Bidens are doing that makes these dogs act out – and why they aren’t doing anything to correct these behaviors. Because it gets to a point where the only thing you can do with a biting dog is to destroy it, and it would seem that Major and Commander are nearing that point.


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