Oh No, You Didn't! Jasmine Crockett Now Claims She Misspelled Her Name on Purpose

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Insults hurled by one politician at another are older than the Republic. The British House of Commons has witnessed many a cutting insult, but almost all of the insults are erudite and steeped in creative language. An insult attributed to Winston Churchill (but likely not his invention) has been repeated in one form or another. 


According to legend, Lady Astor told Churchill that, if she were his wife, she would poison his tea. Churchill said in return: Madam, if I were your husband I would take it.  

Groucho Marx used a similar insult in a movie. Groucho didn’t “hang” with the same crowd as Churchill, but did attribute that insult to George Bernard Shaw. 

Last week during a contempt hearing for Attorney General Merrick Garland, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took a verbal swipe at Rep. Jasmine Felicia Crockett, assuming that she might have trouble reading because her eyelashes were in the way. That trailer-trash insult set off a thunderstorm of verbal repartee that one would expect from a couple of impatient drunks at Waffle House, not in a committee hearing. 

AOC joined the screeching catfight, and lobbed the distinctively uncreative “Oh Baby Girl, No!” at Greene. Then Crockett pulled out her haymaker. Crockett called Greene: A “Bleach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body.”

My RedState buddy Nick Arama wrote about Crockett’s incivility:

Yes, she's a lawyer, but frankly, if she thought that was a "lawyerly way" to respond, she's sadly mistaken. 

She claimed she wasn't going to be "disrespected," and it was already a "hostile work environment." Really? Because it seems to me that most work environments demand results and if any Democrats were truly held to account here for their failures as if this was a real job, they would all be fired. 

Crockett claimed that "MAGA" didn't respect rules and the law. In fact, the reverse is true, it's the Democrats who bend them to their whims. She doesn't even see or care about how she violated the rules of the House with her own remarks. She doesn't care about Joe Biden bragging about defying the Supreme Court, which he did again on Sunday during his Morehouse College speech. She doesn't care about him taunting former President Donald Trump over the lawfare. 


Crockett was quick to jump on the train to Trailer Trash Town to merchandise her insult. She had shirts with insult against Greene emblazoned on black t-shirts. Just one problem: The shirtmaker misspelled Crockett’s name. 

She was mocked into this week and future weeks. Alas, one thing about Democrats - most of them are closet Jussie Smolletts. Instead of admitting a mistake, Crockett doubled down. Crockett, who a few days before read her inflated resume to a witness who didn't ask to know, was now merchandising an insult to raise money to "Save Democracy." Crockett wanted the world to know how highbrow she was by citing a useless “honorary” doctorate and her “technical” status as a LtCol in the Civil Air Patrol. At the same time, she was hawking T-shirts like a fleamarket merchant.  

While she was puffing up her cred, her team was walking out her merch for the world to buy. All in slow-mo. 

Crockett now claims that she didn’t make a spelling error – it was all planned to fool anyone trying to capitalize on her insult t-shirts. You see, she made the spelling error to spot the fakes: 


Her new merch has her name spelled correctly. Apparently, the Hornable LtCol Crockett is banking on seeing knockoff Bleach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body shirts with the misspelled “Crockrtt.” They will be a hot commodity in the knockoff black market. They will be right next to fake Gucci bags, fake eyelashes, and fake doctorate degrees, fit for framing. 

Oh, baby girl, no! No, you didn’t! 

Yes, America she did. We are governed by clowns.



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