Patriot Front: Incels in Khakis

Patriot Front is back in the news. A March for Life event in Chicago was disrupted Friday when Patriot Front cockroaches appeared out of nowhere and, according to multiple reports, 40 of the Front’s finest incels grouped for a photo-op holding a banner, then disappeared.


Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life, had to disavow the “Klowns ‘n khaki” as not being of or connected to March for Life, telling Newsweek:

“March for Life promotes the beauty, dignity, and worth of every human life by working to end the violence of abortion.

We condemn any organization that seeks to exclude a person or group of people based on the color of their skin or any other characteristic. Such exclusion runs counter to our mission which recognizes that all human lives are equal from the moment of conception: equality begins in the womb.”

I wrote a satirical piece about Patriot Front in early December. Last December, the group of khaki-panted dummies appeared at the Lincoln Memorial then disappeared in U-Hauls, while being pelted with insults and food waste. My piece was read and critiqued by Robyn Pennacchia at Wonkette. It may come as a surprise, but the days of the left having a sense of humor died with Robin Williams. Robyn wrote:

Jim Thompson at RedState wrote a whole entire article titled “Feds in Khaki Pants March In DC” about how this was clearly all set up by the feds and no one even knows what Patriot Front is, except for all the people who know exactly who and what they are. He acknowledged that some of them may be actual members of this group, but still insisted that “at least 20 percent of them were Feds,” because how else would they all afford those khaki pants? He even did a little cartoon.


If you’re interested, you can read what I actually wrote and see the full cartoon. She did link my piece (and repost my cartoon), and thanks for that. But none of her readers likely bothered to read it.

In a nutshell, my thesis: Patriot Front’s appearance in DC was theater of the absurd, so Patriot Front is a perfect target for the FBI to infiltrate and puff-up the membership — perhaps like it did in the plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The Michigan mob had more Feds than actual conspirators, and the Feds, fed the non-feds to keep them interested in the Fed-inspired conspiracy.

Pennacchia called my “All-FBI-are-named-Johnson U-Haul” cartoon “little.” That hurt. Maybe she saw it only on her phone? Who knows. My cartoon was an ode to “Die Hard,” where both FBI agents (aka Feds) are named “Johnson.” As in — male anatomy.

Subtlety and satire are lost on the humorless like tears in rain (movie reference, “Blade Runner”).

Anyway, if one must explain satire, then the purpose is lost. By the way, AP has “fact-checked” RedState’s Jeff Charles’ satire. I’m a little hurt that my satire has only been kinda fact-checked by someone at Wonkette.

Back to Patriot Front. Their Chicago appearance was more bad performance art nonsense. The core of Patriot Front are cosplaying clowns. The chance that this group isn’t monitored (and infiltrated) by feds is zero. (That’s not satire, Robyn).

That fact, apparently, has freaked out the khaki-panters. According to Twitter experts, Patriot Front’s “data” has been hacked. Patriot Fronters are worried, but not so worried. Five of Patriot Front’s finest made a video that is unintentionally hilarious. I’m thinking they had a meeting, and one member named Johnson stood up and said: “F-‘em boys! Let’s make a video and show ‘em who’s boss!” Johnson’s demand was seconded by another ‘patriot’ named Johnson.


PF performers did the best incel commercial ever.

The mockery was best summarized on Twitter with video of the five Patriot guys compared to a bunch of cosplaying Klingons.

Does someone at Wonkette want to fact-check today’s article?

“Jim Thompson at RedState claims that Patriot Front are Feds dressed as Klingons.”

Fact-check: False.


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