Jen Psaki Opines Inflation Is Caused by 'Big Meat,' Not the Meathead in the White House

On Tuesday, the president’s weaver propaganda, and queen of circle backs was asked why prices on consumer goods are higher than Seth Rogan’s drug dealer.

Psaki’s head is always tilted slightly to one side in a scoldy-mom pose like she’s looking at her toddler who’s asking for another cookie. If Psaki doesn’t like a question she’ll reach for her briefing book for talking points while she moves her ginger roots over one ear. For this answer, she didn’t hesitate. She blamed Big Meat and then launched into another lengthy word salad.


She said, in part:

“The way American families digest inflation is by price increases and if you look from industry to industry it is a little different.” President Biden and the Secretary of Agriculture have both spoken about “the greed of meat conglomerates,”
“When people go to the grocery store and they’re trying to buy a pound of meat, two pounds of meat, ten pounds of meat, the prices are higher. That is because of… you could call it corporate greed, sure.”

Maybe. Likely, but listening to Psaki tilt her head and toss her locks back before answering questions or avoiding them, gives me heartburn. I can’t help it. And when she talks about Big Meat, all I could conjure was the meathead in the White House.

Being a cartoonist – sometimes it’s a curse.


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