Multiple Russian Missile Strikes Against Ukrainian Civilian Targets Reported

The Russia-Ukraine war has reached a new ominous level, with multiple Russian missile and Iranian drone strikes against civilian targets in Kyiv and other major Ukrainian cities being reported by multiple sources.


Newsmax’s Alex Salvi:

The strikes are being reported by The Hill and other news sources.

It is theorized the strikes are retaliation for Ukraine presumably attacking the Kerch Strait Bridge on Saturday, October 8th, which links Russia and Crimea. Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attacks on Ukraine smell of desperation on Russia’s part, given how they serve no genuine military purpose and come in the wake of reported Ukrainian advances on the ground as it recaptures territory lost in the war’s beginning stages. Given Russia’s dwindling military armament stock, using supplies in this fashion makes no sense in any context save hoping to sufficiently cower the Ukrainian civilian populace to demand its government sue for peace regardless of Russian-dictated terms.


Regardless of thoughts about either side of this conflict, one can only pray that the attacks quickly cease.


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