Foo Fighters Suffer a COVID Flub

(Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP)

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Foo Fighters have postponed their show scheduled for tonight at the Forum in Los Angeles, following an unidentified member of the organization testing positive for COVID. The show, which will be rescheduled, had required all ticket holders to self-attest they had received COVID vaccination.

The band played a club date last month in Agoura Hills that drew protestors, including actor Ricky Schroeder, over proof of vaccination being required by the club to enter the facility.

While it is tempting to pile on the Foo Fighters for being caught in the COVID compression of freedom’s web, the fact remains that while COVID’s spread has slowed, it still remains a tenacious foe. It also remains a convenient bogeyman for overreaching government (pardon the redundancy) to continue piling on all of the onerous requirements and regulations that have proved, and continue to prove, utterly ineffective in slowing the spread.

At some point, reality should, but probably won’t be, embraced. The vaccines are not guaranteed to be 100% effective. Neither are masks. Neither is hiding in a cave somewhere, especially if you pack a picnic basket and Yogi Bear stops by.

Somewhere between the conspiracy theorists and governmental draconian excesses (no, Jen Psaki, Facebook isn’t killing people), sanity has to reign before society accelerates its ongoing effort to tear itself apart. COVID is real. Proper precautions should be taken by those at risk. However, you cannot shut the world down, and you have to be realistic that COVID is not an automatic death sentence. Herd immunity takes time to develop. Live accordingly. But live.

In the meantime, in lieu of tonight’s concert: