Ted Lieu Can't Fly to DC Due to 'Ongoing Health Emergency' But Just Vacationed in Bermuda and Hawaii, Attended NFL Game

Hypocrisy is something we expect from progressive Democrats, but their hypocrisy has been more fully on display during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic – as well as their insistence on demanding that we all follow unscientific and inconsistent “public health” regulations.

So it is with Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Lyin), who recently took a cruise to Bermuda with his entire family – including his elderly parents – and then vacationed in Hawaii, despite the deepening “crisis” with the Omicron variant, and who happily posed for a photograph with his wife and brother at an NFL game (maskless, despite the fact that no one was eating or drinking at the time the photo was taken).

Yet this week he claimed he was unable to make it to Washington DC to do the job his constituents elected him to do because of the “ongoing health emergency.” On January 10, 2022 Lieu informed Speaker Nancy Pelosi of this and that he was designating Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) as his proxy.

Letter from Rep. Ted Lieu to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, January 10, 2022.

Lieu apparently wasn’t concerned back in October when he and his wife, Betty, attended the Browns vs. Chargers game at Los Angeles’ Sofi Stadium, along with his brother, John, who’s a radiologist in Newport Beach, CA. It looks like his seats are fairly close to the field, too. From his brother’s Instagram account (which went private as RedState was working on this story):

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and his wife, Betty, attend the Browns vs. Chargers game, October 2021. CREDIT: Instagram/John Lieu

And he wasn’t too concerned in November when he and his wife and sons took a Thanksgiving cruise to Bermuda aboard the Crystal Symphony, accompanied by his brother and parents.

Rep. Ted Lieu, his wife Betty, and family members onboard the Crystal Symphony, November 19, 2021. CREDIT: Screnshot/John Lieu Instagram

Crystal Cruises’ “Luxury Bermuda Escapes” started sailing in late September from New York City, with prices on the inaugural cruise starting at $1,999. Cruises on holiday weeks always command a premium so fares on their cruise were undoubtedly quite a bit more, and it’s unlikely that the Lieu family booked the cheap cabins.

Rep. Ted Lieu, his wife Betty, and family members onboard the Crystal Symphony, November 19, 2021. CREDIT: Screenshot/John Lieu Instagram

And he wasn’t too concerned December when he headed to Hawaii, apparently for Christmas, and ostensibly not alone. He tweeted this picture on December 29, 2021, and said he was there “last week.”

Rep. Ted Lieu in Hawaii, December 29, 2021. CREDIT: Twitter/Rep. Ted Lieu

What was happening the week prior to that picture? Oh, that’s right. Joe Biden was warning all of us about the scourge of the Omicron variant and painting a winter of doom and gloom. Families around the country were finding it difficult to pay for things like heating oil and gasoline, and unable to find Christmas gifts on the shelves – if they were able to afford them. But life’s a beach at Casa Lieu.

No wonder he doesn’t want to travel to Washington, DC in the dead of winter for his allegedly essential job.

(NOTE: This piece was edited post-publication to reflect the correct date of the NFL game the Lieus attended.)

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