Here Comes the Push for More COVID 'Restrictions'

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Get ready for it — here comes the push for more COVID restrictions in the face of the Omicron variant.

Earlier this week, CNN medical analyst Leana Wen had people talking because she said that the cloth masks that most people wear are little more than “facial decorations,” and there was no place for them in light of Omicron.


Of course, the truth is that cloth masks have always been insufficient when it comes to the question of COVID, as we’ve noted before. But it’s something that the Biden Administration has not addressed in its official remarks, despite constantly pushing masks.

So, why is Wen saying this now? Because it sounds like they want to increase restrictions, including on the types of masks you wear.

Here are her latest comments chastising Joe Biden for not doing enough to impose more “restrictions” on the unvaccinated, saying that Biden has been too easy on them so far. Listen as she talks about how hard this all has been on the vaccinated and demonizes the unvaccinated. She says restricting the vaccinated doesn’t do more, but that you need to “really focus on restricting the unvaccinated.”

In addition to being ridiculously dictatorial, this also seems to ignore the basic science that yes, the vaccinated can catch the virus and spread it, too.


But Wen isn’t the only one. Let’s listen to former Obama guy Dr. Zeke Emanuel, now Vice Provost for Global Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania and chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy. We last spoke about Emanuel when he was part of spreading a false claim that the Delta variant was as contagious as chicken pox. He wants to force more mandates, force N95 masks on people, and “flood the zone” with tests so that people are tested twice a week because they can’t get beyond the 61 percent vaccinated.

Okay, so? The response, when people are reluctant to sign aboard this, is to try to pressure them even more? This is crazy train time here.

Biden has claimed — for months — that 70 percent were vaccinated with one dose (which isn’t fully vaccinated). In an official White House fact sheet on the White House website, they claimed on Nov. 4 that 70 percent of adults were fully vaccinated. But it’s never gotten to 70 percent of all Americans vaccinated, according to the CDC stats; it’s still at 61.7. So once again, Joe Biden seems to just be spinning misleading terms. That was an arbitrary goal he set for July 4 that he didn’t meet, but he declared success anyway.


So, they picked that as a goal, didn’t truly meet it, spun it, and now liberals want to mandate everyone into oblivion to try to get there. The truth or the facts about Omicron don’t seem to factor into the efforts, just how it can be used to push people further to the goal of more vaccinations.

But Democrats trying to beat people into submission didn’t help with someone like Joe Manchin when it came to the Build Back Better bill. Every time Democrats act like this, they just push more people away and they get more push back.

We’ll have to see where Biden goes with all this effort but given how easily he’s been pushed on other things, it isn’t hard to believe that more things may be coming.


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