Sen. Kennedy: Biden's Border Policies Are "Bone-deep, down-to-the-marrow, stupid"

Sen. Kennedy: Biden's Border Policies Are "Bone-deep, down-to-the-marrow, stupid"

As we covered earlier, a group of Republican senators who have been observing conditions at the US/Mexico border along the Rio Grande River in Texas held a press conference Friday afternoon, describing inhumane conditions people attempting to cross into the United States illegally face and under which unaccompanied children are living in.

Two Southern senators, John Kennedy of Louisiana and Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, took the Biden administration to task, calling the policy changes “bone-deep, down-to-the-marrow, stupid” and warning that if something isn’t done quickly, thousands of people will die because of those changes.

Kennedy, in his usual manner, excoriated Biden, Harris, and their border policy “experts.”

“I’m sorry that they won’t allow you to see what we saw. I’m not sure there are words in English to describe it. If you talked to the border Patrol agents, those women and men will tell you that what President Biden is doing is bone-deep, down-to-the-marrow, stupid. They want to go back to the border practices and the border security that existed on the day that President Biden was inaugurated.

Now, President Biden and Vice President Harris need to come down here. I don’t mean any disrespect and I’m not trying to tell them how to do their jobs, but they need to come down here. Because it became clear to me today that there are either one of two things going on here. Either President Biden believes in open borders – you do, after all, have to watch what politicians do, not what they say – or the people that President Biden has put in charge to make border security policy are not qualified to manage a food truck.”

Kennedy’s ability to clearly state the issue is unrivaled. There’s never any doubt what he thinks or where he stands.

Tuberville, the former Alabama football coach, said:

“I spent a lot of time down here recruiting in the Rio Grande Valley as a football coach. I’ve seen things happen down here for years. I’m just an American. I believe in this country. I can put one word to this. I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed for the taxpayers of this country, what I’ve seen over the last 24 hours. It brings tears to your eyes to see what’s happened.

And let me tell you something, this ain’t a Democrat or Republican problem. This is an American problem. For years we’ve been kicking the can down the road as a federal government and not taking care of this border, and we should have. We finally elected a president in Donald Trump…he got elected because he said he was going to fix it, and he was trying to fix it….

Border Patrol says, just give us a game plan…please don’t do anything until you tell us what you’re going to do so we can prepare. They didn’t give them any preparation. They just changed it. And what a mess. What a complete mess.

It is embarrassing that we have let down the American taxpayer, we’ve let down the people of Mexico, we’ve let down the people of Central America, that we’ve put them through this.

And if we don’t change it, folks, it is going to get ten times worse. You’re gonna have thousands of people die, and you’re going to ruin a country that was built on loyalty, dedication, and compassion.

They need to let y’all in, so you can report it.”

Even if the Biden administration refuses to allow reporters in, the photos and videos posted by the senators today should convince everyone that this cannot go on.

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