Body of Immigrant Who Drowned Attempting to Cross Rio Grande Floats Past Senators at Border Visit

Body of Immigrant Who Drowned Attempting to Cross Rio Grande Floats Past Senators at Border Visit

As Nick Arama covered, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) led a congressional delegation on a visit to the US/Mexico border in Mission, TX, this week. Senators spent time observing conditions along the Rio Grande and visiting detention facilities where babies and children are being held in very close quarters. The group has been tweeting pictures and videos from their visit, and Friday afternoon held a press conference to discuss what they saw and take questions.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) spoke about the rapid processing of illegal immigrants as Border Patrol agents deal with approximately 6,000 people a day illegally crossing the border, calling it merely “a speed bump” on the path to illegal immigration, and also described the terrible conditions in which children are being held.

The Biden administration’s policy decisions are causing massive suffering and inhumane conditions, Johnson said, adding that when the group was out on the Rio Grande in a Border Patrol boat, they had to slow down because the body of someone who’d drowned while attempting to cross the river into the United States was in the water. He said:

“It’s facilitating untold inhumanity. I came here a little bit late. I don’t know if anybody mentioned the fact that we had to slow down because there was a dead body in the water, just upstream here. There’s nothing humane about that treatment. Nothing whatsoever.”

Of course, look at what the title of the embedded YouTube video from “The Hill” is. Focusing on Johnson’s comments about Kamala Harris,  instead of the death and devastating conditions the senators saw.

We have a country so amazing and wonderful that people are dying to get here – and if they don’t die, they are absolutely putting themselves at risk of rape or abuse – but that shouldn’t be the case. Unfortunately, the senators are right. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ policies motivate people to take that risk. The blood is on their hands.

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