Transgender Cyclists Continue Their Attempts to Bludgeon Biological Female Athletes Into Submission


Twenty-five-year-old Tessa Johnson and thirty-year-old Evelyn Williamson won first place and second place in the Chicago CycloCross Cup. The duo have made headlines this summer for dominating women's races, along with another transgender cyclist named Austin Killips. Award-winning former competitive cyclist Hannah Arensman cites her altercation with Killips as part of the reason why she chose to retire from the sport.

A biological woman named Allison Zmuda did win the third-place bronze award and meekly stood next to these two towering men in "womanface" who pretended they accomplished something great. The tragic part of this is that Zmuda is smiling, simply going along to get along, acting as if this is perfectly normal.

Newsflash: It will NEVER be normal. These men have not only made a complete farce of women's sports but have spit on the sweat equity and achievements of women worldwide. How is this progress?

Two transgender cyclists have taken the top spots on the podium at the Chicago CycloCross Cup after triumphing in a women's race.

Tessa Johnson, 25, won first place in the women's SingleSpeed while Evelyn Williamson, 30, placed second in the race on October 7.

The transgender pair made headlines earlier this year for sweeping the competition at several women's races amid debate over the inclusion of transgender athletes in women's sports. 

In the women's SingleSpeed race, Johnson took the gold and Williamson took silver, leaving only one biological female on the podium, Allison Zmuda, who won bronze.

Johnson also placed first in the women's Cat Half, winning $150 in prize money. Williamson placed fourth in that race, receiving a $75 prize.

Where are the feminists? According to our sister site, PJ Media, working hard to erase decades of fighting for women's sports and normalizing the abnormal

But ultra-progressive Social Justice™ commentator of the cancerous “Majority Report,” Emma Vigeland, believes the “societal good” of letting men run roughshod over women in sports outweighs any unfairness to women competitors:

I don’t give a **it about the scientific explanations. People, if they identify as a woman, get to compete in sports. If that’s not fair in the short term for a variety of little competitions, I don’t give a **it… because the societal interests of including trans people in society trumps stupid competition. Full-stop…

Women’s sports is barely an institution. It’s only been around for a few decades. Like, if our sources of… entertainment, for competition, for, like, I don’t know, whatever, however to define, but if they’re not able to accommodate trans people, then they’re not worthy of existing.

Societal interests? What interests in society are being elevated or bettered by allowing men to harm women and rob them of their accomplishments? Betty Friedan is spinning in her grave.  

Back in May, several competitive women cyclists quietly yet profoundly chose to do this. The transgender cyclist who robbed the top prize from them had to stand on the podium alone.

A transgender cyclist is facing backlash after she won a female category of a grueling gravel race and then posted on social media about other competitors bailing before the medal celebration.

Lesley Mumford, who transitioned in 2017 while a Colorado SWAT team leader, shared a lonesome photo after winning her age group in the female category of Sunday’s 100-mile Desert Gravel Co2Ut.

“I have no idea why so many people bailed before the podiums, but they did,” wrote Mumford, 46, while posing alone with her arms aloft in victory.

“I swear I wasn’t the only one in my age group,” she wrote of the 43 female competitors who finished after her in the 40-49 category.

Mumford also came in sixth overall in the female category of the race, beating 35 other cyclists. The event has a non-binary category, which she did not enter.

She easily won her age group, beating second-place racer Lindsey Kriete by 17 minutes and third-place rider Michelle Van Sickle by more than 30.

Journalist and podcaster Megyn Kelly has been outspoken about biological males who have chosen to become transgender females invading traditional women's spaces, especially in the world of sports. Kelly and her guests Carrie Prejean Boller and Britt Mayer addressed the Lesley Mumford controversy. 

Kelly followed up this episode with an interview with both Inga Thompson and Hannah Arensman, two accomplished and award-winning competitive cyclists who have chosen to leave the sport they loved because of this invasion of transgender females competing with them and wiping their records and accomplishments from memory. Thompson revealed the horrific fact that the demoralization and dehumanization of women athletes are not only being enabled and applauded by the sponsors and sports governing bodies, but women athletes are also being targeted if they do not fall in line with the transgender agenda. 

At this point, Title IX is all but dead, and feminism even more so. With the way the majority of these women athletes are meekly allowing themselves to be rolled, we've replaced Iron-Jawed Angels with Papier Mâché Tigers. The bravery of women athletes like Riley Gaines, Chelsea Mitchell, Paula Scanlan, and others must continue to be elevated, and this agenda to silence and demoralize women must be put down. 



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