Fed up Cyclist's Letter on Trans 'Women' in Women’s Sports Should Be an Absolute Wake up Call

As we noted Tuesday, there is a lot going on in the world of militant transgender rights activism, with none of it being good for the respective futures of actual women in America.


To quickly recap, first there was actress Drew Barrymore disturbingly prostrating herself on her program before self-proclaimed “transgender woman” and TikTok influencer/actor Dylan Mulvaney in a show of solidarity, despite the fact that Mulvaney’s “transition” to supposed womanhood appears to be a shtick designed to get clicks and attention.

And as my colleague Bob Hoge reported, student “Senators” at the famed Wellesley College in Massachusetts have voted in favor of a non-binding referendum to be more “gender inclusive,” which includes eliminating the use of the word “women” and allowing transgender “men” (women who now identify as men) to enroll at the historic all-women’s school. For the record, they’ve allowed transgender “women” since 2015.

As Bob noted, “if the school does decide to honor its students’ vote and allow undergrads who ‘identify as male’ to enroll, would it really be a women’s college anymore?”

For some women, the rush from the woke left to be accommodating and supportive of transgender persons to the point that biological women have been told by transgender “women” sports figures and activists and their enablers to sit back, shut up, or become canceled has become too much, as indicated by a letter of support of female athletes written by now-former cyclocross champion Hannah Arensman.


Included in a March 13 legal filing to the Supreme Court from ADF regarding a
“legal challenge to West Virginia’s Save Women’s Sports Act” that the ADF says, “if successful, would undermine women’s sports,” Arensman indicated she had retired from her sport due to frustration over the inclusion of men identifying as women being allowed to compete:

I was born into a family of athletes. Encouraged by my parents and siblings, I competed in sports from a young age, and I followed in my sister’s footsteps, climbing the ranks to become an elite cyclocross racer. Over the past few years, I have had to race directly with male cyclists in women’s events. As this has become more of a reality, it has become increasingly discouraging to train as hard as I do only to have to lose to a man with the unfair advantage of an androgenized body that intrinsically gives him an obvious advantage over me, no matter how hard I train.

I have decided to end my cycling career. At my last race at the recent UCI Cyclocross National Championships in the elite women’s category in December 2022, I came in 4th place, flanked on either side by male riders awarded 3rd and 5th places. My sister and family sobbed as they watched a man finish in front of me, having witnessed several physical interactions with him throughout the race.

Additionally, it is difficult for me to think about the very real possibility I was overlooked for an international selection on the US team at Cyclocross Worlds in February 2023 because of a male competitor.

Moving forward, I feel for young girls learning to compete and who are growing up in a day when they no longer have a fair chance at being the new record holders and champions in cycling because men want to compete in our division. I have felt deeply angered, disappointed, overlooked, and humiliated that the rule makers of women’s sports do not feel it is necessary to protect women’s sports to ensure fair competition for women anymore.


Here’s video of third place finisher Austin Killips, a transgender woman, appearing to target Arensman during the race she mentioned in her letter:

As Drew Barrymore proved with her Monday actions, there are plenty of Useful Idiot females out there who are willing to either enthusiastically embrace the erasure of women’s rights with their arms wide open and their knees on the ground or passively accept it in the name of peace, love, and harmony.

For everyone else, however, there are things that can be said and must be said not just in front of a judge but also in the court of public opinion if we’re to turn the tide on this and prevent more Hannah Arensmans from giving up on their dreams.

People must be willing to do the hard work and stand up against it – and with no apologies, as we’ve seen done by popular “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling all the way to a brave woman in a Los Angeles spa who had enough of seeing a naked man in a women’s locker room and stood her ground.

I hate to sound cliche here, but the futures of young girls depends on what happens now. People can mumble and grumble from the sidelines or they can make sure their voices get heard, loud and proud. It’s just as simple as that.

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