'Scary Poppins' Nina Jankowicz Is Crowdfunding to Sue Fox News

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In the “Dying for Attention,” category, we have former “Disinformation” Czarina Nina Jankowicz mounting a crowdfund campaign. Her goal? To raise $100,000 so she can sue Fox News for their, “Malicious, reckless lies about me.”


Since resigning from the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board, it appears Jankowicz has too much time on her hands.



You know that GoFundMe will probably not take this campaign down, as opposed to the funds mounted for Kyle Rittenhouse and the Trucker Freedom Convoy.

Go figure.

Jankowicz has toned down her over-the-top image. No catchy lyrics to Disney tunes, no Broadway bombast. No, Jankowicz has rehabbed her demeanor, playing the subdued innocent who was done wrong. Declaring that after working against disinformation on “both sides of the aisle,” she had finally landed her “Dream Job:” assisting the government in ensuring that information flowing across social media was “grounded in American values.”

Yeah, sure Jan. RedState’s reporting, along with other outlets (not just Fox News) shows Jankowicz is not only a liar, but a very bad actress.

In July 2022, soon after the Department of Homeland Security announced it was not moving forward with the Disinfo Board, my colleague Bob Hoge noted Jankowicz’s appearance on another canceled propaganda show: CNN’s Reliable Sources with “The Potato” Brian Stelter. Jankowicz blamed the demise of the board on President Joe Biden caving to criticism, and that the administration failed to explain the true purpose of the board—as if that wasn’t obvious from the start.


Then Jankowicz decided to rebrand her disinformation show and take it on the road, registering as a foreign agent in the United Kingdom to help the British government with their disinformation issues.


In November 2022, my colleague streiff reported on an investigation conducted by Senators Chuck Grassley and Josh Hawley, which revealed that this same Disinformation Governance Board that DHS claimed had not even been launched yet, was actually up and running as early as February with a “steering group” holding weekly meetings to set policy and strategy. Jankowicz and her team were already partnering with Big Tech with a meeting with Facebook being scheduled, and they created a portal to share information with foreign governments. Omidyar Network, a prominent Democrat dark money group, was also coordinating with them on policy on how to censor speech.

The Hawley-Grassley investigation’s focus was not on social media, per se, but on the practice of some federal agencies becoming actively involved in suppressing content that was not helpful to their aims. The primary means of doing this started out as the Disinformation Governance Board run by the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency; see Creepy-Sounding ‘Disinformation Board’ Faces Heavy Criticism; Elon Musk Calls it ‘Discomforting.’

Thanks to Hawley, we found that social media outlets had created a “portal” where the FBI and other agencies could order the take-down of offending posts (Leaked Documents Show DHS, the FBI, and Social Media Platforms Worked Together to Stop Debate on COVID, Hunter’s Laptop, and Election Integrity). We also know that foreign governments had access to that portal, but we don’t know which ones.


But do go on about how you had no real power to enforce anything when you were already coordinating with those who could.

Jankowicz also claimed that because of Fox News’ “lies,” she was receiving threats only weeks before she was to “become a mom.” Not only had Fox News ruined her dream job, but they stole her peaceful time with her son. Cue the tiny violins. Jankowicz is still playing the drama queen, but slightly muted on the drama. One would think that if her time with her son is as precious as she claims, and that this was robbed from her by Fox News, that she would be focused on restoring that bond rather than revenge on a news organization that can paper trail even her out of existence.

Just saying.

So far, Jankowicz has received over 100 donations, and raised $6,441 toward her goal. Even in these inflationary times, some people choose to throw good money at a bad cause.

That’s the nature of free speech. Something that Jankowicz will use to her advantage while doing her damnedest to restrict your right to do the same.



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