Can I Get An Amen?! — Winsome Sears Lays Down Some Gospel Truth on CNN's 'State of the Union'

Can I Get An Amen?! — Winsome Sears Lays Down Some Gospel Truth on CNN's 'State of the Union'
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Virginia Lieutenant Governor-elect Winsome Sears appeared on CNN’s State of the Union with Dana Bash, where she lit some fires, and dropped some truth bombs. This appears to be her trademark, and the embodiment of who she truly is, not just politicky-speak. Sears doesn’t just theorize and bloviate, she speaks from where she has been, and from that experience, lays out a vision of where she plans to go. It is a breath of fresh air, and so desperately needed in our body politic.

Bash apparently had issues, as throughout the exchange, her usual taciturn scowl and doe-eyed gaze was even more pronounced.

First, Sears torched the whole “equity and inclusion” mantra, by emphasizing that she is no one special, and no different than anyone else. With hard work and determination she rose to who she is today, and anyone can do the same.

SEARS: Well, it means that, when children look at me, they can say, well, Winsome is there. If she can do it, I can do it, because, as I have said to them in their little enclaves when they get together or in their celebrations when they’re graduating, I have said, I didn’t do anything special. All I did was stay in school and study. And you can do it too, because I am an example of what you can be, if you put your mind to it.

Bash looked uncomfortable, and quickly moved on to the infrastructure bill, and Virginia-focused issues like lack of rural broadband access, funding for historically black colleges and universities in VA, and critical race theory. Sears dropped bon mots of reality into these subjects, notably pointing out that the VA Democrat State House failed to fund HBCUs and Republicans are the ones who have presented a bill to rectify this. Sears also pointed out how the bloated infrastructure bill (now law) has rural broadband access predicated on how many immigrants are in the community.

SEARS: So, coming back to that bill, we know now that there’s money in there for rural advancement. But here’s the kicker, only if you have an immigrant population that is absolutely growing and at a certain point. So, once again, our folks in the Southwest are going to be left out because we don’t have that there.

In regard to CRT, Bash felt the need to insert, “which I should say is not part of Virginia’s curriculum.” Sears quickly corrected her, then delivered facts like flaming arrows.

SEARS: Well, let me back up. I beg to differ that CRT is not taught.

BASH: I didn’t say that. I just said it’s not in the curriculum, just to be clear.


SEARS: It — no, no, no, no, it is part of the curriculum. It’s weaved in and out of the curriculum.

In fact, in 2015, former Governor, who was just defeated, McAuliffe, his state Board of Education had information how to teach it, so it’s weaved in. (RS article) So, it’s semantics. But it’s weaved in.

Sears did an excellent job of debunking the Left’s talking points about how CRT is just a conservative bogeyman, then she laid out what education should entail, and educators would benefit in taking some notes:

SEARS: What we want to say and what governor-elect Youngkin has said is that all of history must be taught, the good, the bad, and the ugly, because what we learn from history, Dana, is that we don’t learn from history and we continue to repeat the same mistakes. But while we’re talking about history, how about we talk about how people from the 1890s, black people from the 1890s to about 1950-1960, according to the U.S. census, had been marrying in a percentage that had far surpassed anything that whites had ever done?

When we talk about the Tulsa race riots, let’s ask ourselves, how did the black people amass so much wealth right after the Civil War, so that it could even be destroyed? How did they do that? They were coming from nothing, from zero. Some of them never even got the 40 acres and a mule.

Let’s try to emulate that. The one thing that the slaves wanted — well, three top things, their freedom, certainly. Then the next thing was they wanted to find their families. And the third thing was, they wanted an education. And, my God, when did education become a bad word among black people?

When the Left took over the educational system, which more times than not, disenfranchises Blacks; especially those in the inner city.

SEARS: No, we are going to have a good education system. It’s going to — it’s going to represent all people. And I’m going to help see that through, because education lifted my father out of poverty when he came to America with only $1.75. Education lifted me, because I have to find my own way in this world. And education will lift all of us.


But Sears left her best truth bombs for last. When Bash moved over to vaccine mandates in schools she did what the legacy media loves to do: create false equivalencies with measles, mumps, and rubella vaccinations and the COVID vaccine.

BASH: So, why is it OK to mandate childhood vaccines in Virginia for so many diseases, but not COVID?

SEARS: Well, let’s ask ourselves. And I’m not saying yea or nay. Let’s ask ourselves, if the purpose of the COVID vaccine is to prevent us from getting COVID, then why is it that those who have had COVID must get the vaccine?

The one doesn’t follow the other. And so there are people who, when they get COVID, they also get the monoclonal antibody therapy. And it’s working. It’s working very well in Florida, if you notice what’s happening there. And so why — one size doesn’t fit all.

Sears destroyed the Left’s fallacy that if the vaccines are safe, and you are fully vaccinated and masked, why do others have to follow suit in order to make you feel safe? It’s nonsensical.

SEARS: Now, I have said, get the vaccine, and that, if you’re not going to get the vaccine, then do what’s necessary to keep yourself safe, keep other people safe.

But let me ask you this question. If you have the mask on, then why does somebody else have to wear the mask? You have got the mask. You have got the vaccine. My God, you’re fully protected. You’re armored.

I think, ultimately, we have to remember that we’re America. We love our freedom. We love our liberty. People are dying to get into this country so that they can do well for themselves and their families. Let’s not make it like some other countries. Let’s let liberty shine.

Bash made an attempt to downplay this, invoking the usual “experts” who say natural immunity does not last long. But with her last line of questions, Bash chose to step on a land mine:

BASH: But just before I let you go on this topic, during the campaign, you were — as I said, you’re encouraging people to get vaccinated, but you’re not saying whether you are vaccinated. Do you want to say now?


SEARS: As I said, America, if it’s nothing else, it’s about liberty. It’s about being able to live your life free from the government telling you what to do.

And so we understand this thing about slippery slopes. The minute that I start telling you about my vaccine status, we’re going to be down the bottom of the mountain trying to figure out how we got there, because now you want to know what’s in my DNA. You’re going to want to know this, that and the other.

Slippery slope is quite correct, and the government mandating vaccines is pushing us down it. How is that any different than checking the teeth, muscle tone, and the ability to breed in Blacks on the auction block during slavery? For some of us, particularly Blacks, this push for vaccines and vaccine mandates is no less invasive or offensive.

Sears continued:

SEARS: In New York, you see, we have people, waiters, waiters, asking people their vaccination status. And, by the way, do you know what else they require? A photo I.D. to determine if this vaccine card you’re presenting is really you.

But photo I.D. in order to prove you are who say you are when voting is racist and beyond the pale?

With that one phrase, Sears highlights the abundance of hypocrisy on the Left.

SEARS: Who are we fooling? Come on. Let’s say you get the vaccine. Go ahead and get the vaccine. If that’s what you want to do, get the vaccine. Don’t force it on anybody else. We know — and, by the way, media, they’re not telling us that people are suffering as a result of getting the vaccine, that they have all kinds of problems.

I understand it might be the minuscule. But when you’re the one out of 30,000 that gets it, it’s important to you. So, we need to tell the good, the bad and the ugly about the vaccine.

But it is not miniscule, and therein lies the rub. Now the Left is targeting the well-being of children and even babies. That slippery slope is getting more precarious.

The Left’s embedding of CRT is no different than their push to mandate everyone get vaccinated. Instead of allowing people the freedom to make their own decisions, they are obfuscating and hiding data that is compromising health and costing lives. The CDC has stopped collecting data on breakthrough cases of COVID. Why do that if you truly cared about saving lives?

I hope Winsome Sears continues to unmask, debunk, and call out the double standards and doublespeak of the Left. We need more voices like hers in and outside of politics.

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