Winsome Sears Proves Again Why She Terrifies the Democrat Party

The late brilliant columnist, author, and Fox News personality Charles Krauthammer observed in a 2002 column: “Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.” While I don’t disagree with Dr. Krauthammer, I do want to offer a variation: Liberals are terrified of conservatives.


Specifically, liberals are terrified of conservatives they view as a threat. Conservatives in positions of power, conservatives with a microphone and a substantive base that listens; conservatives who threaten the liberal narrative by telling America the truth, and even more threatening, exposing liberal lies.

From Donald Trump to Tucker Carlson to Steven Crowder and a host of other conservative influencers, the Democrat Party and its liberal media sock puppets work themselves into apoplectic seizures on a daily basis over conservative influencers, not because they hate them; because they are terrified of them for the aforementioned reasons. Now, America, there’s a newcomer to the club. Her name is Winsome Sears.

As RedState reported on election night, Sears not only became Virginia’s next lieutenant governor; she became the first Black woman to win a statewide office in the commonwealth.

The left was beside itself over the horrific news. As RedState reported:

MSNBC’s race-baiting host Joy Reid and guest, race-hustler extraordinaire Michael Eric Dyson laughably tried to dismiss Sears as a puppet for white supremacists.


Meanwhile, Sears was busy drop-kicking leftist writer Jamele Hill over the silly “white supremacist” nonsense and issuing a challenge to Reid, all but daring the race-obsessed host to invite her on the show. The silliness continues, but suffice it to say the left is scared crapless of Lt. Gov-elect Winsome Sears.

One need look no further than this week’s episode of “Fox News Sunday” to understand the Democrat Party’s fear of the threat Sears poses to their narrative, hollow promises, and bald-faced lies.

Sears told host Chris Wallace that America’s disgust with the Democrat Party pitting one race against another was responsible not only for her win but that of Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin and other Republicans across America.

“They’re tired of the Black against White and the Asian against Latino. They’re tired of it, and they’re tired of politicians who won’t let the wounds of the past heal.”

Allowing the wounds of the past to heal doesn’t mean forgetting history, she stressed.

“Nobody is denying that we don’t want to hear all the history, least of all me. I certainly don’t want the sins of the past to be repeated. We don’t have to tear one person down in order to build another up. That’s no way to be. That’s not America.”


The Jamaican emigrant and former U.S. Marine said she worked hard for everything she has achieved.

“Everything I’ve had, I’ve had to work for. No one gave me anything. Sometimes, what happens to you isn’t because you’re Black or because you’re a woman. It’s simply life. I mean, some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue. It’s just life.”

Relative to her historic win, Winsome said she sees her position as an opportunity to be a role model for children — a position that flies in the face of racist, Marxist-derived Critical Race Theory:

“I really want others to see me, especially the children to say, ‘Well, if Winsome can do it, I can do it’. Because I didn’t do anything special except stay in school and study. And I never let anyone walk over me and if they did, they didn’t get a second chance.”

The Democrats’ Dirty Little Secret

I should have said one of the Democrats’ dirty little secrets, for there are many. But perhaps alone at the top is the harsh reality that the Democrat Party does not want Black America to achieve the narratives they spew; Democrats desperately need Black America and various other disparate groups to remain a permanent underclass voting bloc if they — the Democrats — are to survive as a viable party.

Think about it.

Without tens of millions of “depressed” Americans to exploit — to pretend to “champion” — bye-bye voting bloc and bye-bye elections. Why would the “put-upon,” “downtrodden,” “oppressed,” or any other label the left slaps on people of color vote Democrat if they achieved the mythical equality promised by the Democrat Party? Ever higher taxes. Ever greater government control. Neverending Democrat nonsense.


Hence, “uppity” Blacks like Tim Scott, Larry Elder, Candace Owens, RedState’s Kira Davis, and Winsome Sears must be dismissed out of hand; ridiculed, and destroyed if necessary. Mustn’t disturb the Democrat Force, you know; mustn’t disturb the dirty little secret wrapped in an exploitative hollow narrative.


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