Biden's Brain Breaks in NH as Polls Tell the Tale on Infrastructure Passage

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Joe Biden managed to drag the infrastructure bill across the line. It’s really the only thing he’s done so far that he could even argue as a win to his base. Of course, to most on the right, it’s just one more boondoggle to support the Democratic agenda and Biden was only able to get it with the help of Republicans.


But how is the signing of it playing generally with the public?

While many support the bill because they know the U.S. needs help with infrastructure, they’re not giving Biden or Democrats any bump in the polls from the passing of it.

The House passed the bill earlier this month, so if there was a bounce, you would have thought Biden would have gotten it by this time. But not so much.

From Fox News:

Biden’s approval rating in the new survey stands at 41%, with disapproval at 53%. But it’s more than just one poll – the president stands at 42% approval and 53% disapproval in an average of all of the latest surveys that was compiled by Real Clear Politics.

A new poll even shows that if the 2024 election were today and it was between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden that Trump would win by double digits.

That’s got to be eating at Biden just a bit as he’s trying to take a victory lap in New Hampshire on the signing of the bill on Monday. But it didn’t go particularly well.

First, the most popular guy ever (with the 81 million voters) got what could only be called the most anemic greeting ever.

How many people was that exactly? It sounded like it was about five, probably Biden officials and media. Didn’t anyone turn out at all?


Then, he was back to lying about the Build Back Better bill. As we noted before, the new Biden tack in the face of the American’s anger at him over inflation is to argue the bill is going to help to stop inflation. Because spending more always helps stop inflation, right? Not.

Then Biden again made that tired argument that the rich have to pay their fair share — even though the rich actually pay more than their fair share. But how hypocritical of him to argue that and then give them a tax cut.

Biden continued that lie that the Build Back Better bill wasn’t going to raise taxes on people making less than $400,000 when indeed it does raise taxes as we previously reported.

But perhaps Biden’s worst moment of the remarks was when you could see his brain break mid-comment as he’s talking. Watch as he suddenly pushes, starts to jumble his words, squints trying to read the teleprompter, his head starts to slide to the right. Then he gives up briefly trying to fill in the time for failing to understand what he was supposed to say with mindless drivel about not wanting to take up people’s time in the cold. That’s always his “tell” when he’s trying to fill in time for a gaffe — saying “I’m over time” or “I don’t want to take up your time.”


I don’t know what they propose to do about this. We theoretically have three more years with this and he’s only getting worse and it’s going to get to the point where they really can’t even cover or excuse it.


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