The Rittenhouse List: Who Should Kyle Sue?

Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool

Mark Richards, the attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, said in the press conference following the reading of the trial verdict that he would not be a part of any civil lawsuits that Rittenhouse might file. No worries, I am sure that when the time is right, Rittenhouse will have a plethora of top civil rights attorneys ready to take that on.


We have not seen such media malpractice and egregious miscarriage of due process since 2019, when Nicholas Sandmann was accused of harassing a Native American who was actually harassing him. Led by the hacks at CNN, they targeted and sought to destroy that teenage boy’s life. You would have thought after Sandmann won his unprecedented settlement* against CNN and others, that the legacy media would have learned their lesson, but apparently not.

Since August 26, 2020, we have seen legacy media, along with elected officials—who, of all people, should know better—line up to be judge, jury, and executioner of Kyle Rittenhouse before the case even went to trial!

Whatever Kyle Rittenhouse chooses to do, he has fodder for civil suits against a whole lot of people. The cable legal analysts and talking heads are saying because of the public nature of the acts and the trial, that slander and defamation may not be options. However, to malign, target, and gaslight with the sole purpose of putting your thumb on the scales of justice is a horrible choice to make, and too many people made it without a second thought.

For now, here’s a short list of who Kyle Rittenhouse might consider suing.

1.  Joy Reid.

My colleague Nick Arama said it well:

“There have been a lot of vile takes, but trust in MSNBC’s Joy Reid to always find a way to try to reach for that brass ring.”


And when she grasped the ring, it was probably green. Joy Reid and her racially-charged diatribes are disgustingly sad. One also wonders about her mental and emotional state. Being fixated on racism and “white supremacy” under every rock cannot be healthy.

Reid reeks of bloodlust, smugness, and cavalier privilege. You can see it in her eyes. She was absolutely gleeful every time she talked about “white vigilantism,” calling Rittenhouse a “Proud Boys fan,” and perpetually repeating the blatant lie about Rittenhouse crossing state lines with an AR-15. There was intent to do harm to this young man with her words and her twisted parallels to Brett Kavanaugh, and George Zimmerman. Like Reza Aslan and his ill-conceived tweet about Nicholas Sandmann, Reid needs to be held accountable for her behavior.

2.   MSNBC

Then there are Reid’s bosses over at MSNBC, who seem to delight in employing vociferous hirelings. What does it serve to compare a person on trial to a “school shooter”? The brain trust at MSNBC feel it was perfectly okay for their hosts to use terms like “murder” and “vigilantism” as though it is proven fact.

Here’s just a sampling:

Now, the cherry on the sundae is the organization commissioned a “freelancer” to follow the bus transporting jury members away from the courthouse and take pictures.


Totally brill.

My colleague Bonchie reported,

The MNSBC journalist in question was following the jury bus, attempting to take pictures of them. He even ran a red light while doing so, and there is absolutely no reason to do that unless the goal was for MSNBC to eventually target them, almost assuredly leading to their exposure. And if the verdict doesn’t come back guilty, those jurors are going to be in real danger.

Judge Bruce Schroeder was right to bar MSNBC from the courtroom. They stopped being a “news” organization decades ago, and their coverage shows this. A lawsuit could go towards tanking what little credibility, if any, or market share they still maintain.

3.   The Daily Beast.

Whether it was “reporting,” or an opinion piece, The Daily Beast consistently referred to Kyle Rittenhouse as “notorious,” “gun-toting,” “teen killer,” and other terms that evoke an image of Rittenhouse that was never confirmed by other reporting or by the facts presented at trial.


4.   President Joe Biden.

This is much like President Obama weighing in on the arrest of his friend Dr. Henry Louis Gates, saying the Cambridge Police, “acted stupidly.”

Only, it’s much worse. Gates was arrested for what was perceived trespassing; Rittenhouse was facing murder charges. So, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden weighed in, and called Rittenhouse a white supremacist, in order to polish his racial reconciliation bona fides and present himself as a unifier. It was beyond the pale.

Now that the verdict has been rendered, and Rittenhouse has been found Not Guilty, President Joe Biden decided to offer up an anemic statement that did not even address the statement he made over a year ago:


Not one word of apology to Kyle Rittenhouse, and a bunch of lies about his promise to “bring Americans together.” You know this response was canned, unlike the first one where he judged Kyle Rittenhouse without evidence.

Time for Dementia Joe to go have some ice cream. FLOTUS Jill can worry about the impending suit.

Those in law and media will be making lists and checking them twice as the verdict settles in and time rolls on. When it comes to the legacy media coverage and commentary on the Rittenhouse trial, everyone on it is naughty.

*UPDATE, 11-19-2021: Corrected Nicholas Sandmann's settlement amount to remove the dollar amount, as this was undisclosed.



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