The Shameless Lying and Obfuscating Begins After MSNBC Is Booted From the Rittenhouse Trial

Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP

As RedState reported earlier this afternoon, the judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse case set off another round of consternation by banning leftwing network MSNBC from the courtroom. Immediately, leftwing figures moved to once again accuse him of bias and of being “MAGA.” You know, because enforcing basic safety rules means he must be a biased Trump fan.


Of course, Judge Schroeder had an excellent reason to do what he did. The MNSBC journalist in question was following the jury bus, attempting to take pictures of them. He even ran a red light while doing so, and there is absolutely no reason to do that unless the goal was for MSNBC to eventually target them, almost assuredly leading to their exposure. And if the verdict doesn’t come back guilty, those jurors are going to be in real danger.

Now, NBC News has put out a statement that can only be described as a mixture of lying and obfuscation. Note that it is CNN’s Brian Stelter playing the role of Baghdad Bob here, shamelessly repeating the denial of wrongdoing without commenting on how it makes no sense.

We know that’s a lie because James Morrison, who is the MSNBC journalist in question, has admitted to being under orders to take pictures of the jury.

Secondly, the mention of “during deliberations” is a dead giveaway. Perhaps they actually didn’t plan to contact them until the verdict was rendered, but it’s still an intimidation tactic to try to learn their identities with the full intention of plastering them on the news — if the “right” verdict isn’t delivered. Jurors are supposed to remain anonymous in a case like this, unless they choose to go public.


That’s why the judge reacted so harshly. This is not a game. A man’s life is in the balance, and the full force of the mainstream media is currently doing their best to influence the trial. It’s fairly clear that MSNBC contracted Morrison to follow the bus, and he spilled the beans once the police got involved.

Finally, I’d just like to note how absolutely gross it is that these mainstream media outlets rush to lie for one another, when an obvious, dangerous wrong was committed here. Why is CNN going to bat for MSNBC to protect them from allegations of jury intimidation? We all know why. These outlets collude all the time to keep their monopoly while attempting to crush conservative thought. They and their denials should be dismissed with prejudice.


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