Joy Reid's Wild Racist Rant About Rittenhouse, Kavanaugh and 'Male White Tears'

We’ve seen a lot of media malpractice when it comes to the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Media terming Rittenhouse a vigilante, making up some imaginary sin of “crossing state lines” and falsely claiming he had a gun while doing so, terming him a militia member or a white supremacist. Heck, even Joe Biden falsely called Rittenhouse a white supremacist when there has been no evidence adduced to indicate that is in any way true.


What many forget in all this attempt to politicize the case is that this is a real person on trial for his life. The decision as to whether he is guilty or innocent should be based only on the law and the facts of the case. Not on any of these political things that people keep throwing around.

But that hasn’t stopped media from continuing to politicize and go after Rittenhouse. There have been a lot of vile takes, but trust in MSNBC’s Joy Reid to always find a way to try to reach for that brass ring.

This is one heck of a festival of racism and crazy. I give you the requisite Joy Reid warning. You are going into the joyless zone, prepare yourself.

Reid claims Christine Blasey Ford was a high school friend of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but his tears were found to be more powerful than the tears of an alleged victim.

First, Christine Blasey Ford was not a “high school friend” of his. Second, his “tears” were not more powerful than her tears — the evidence that didn’t support her claim was more powerful. The evidence that contradicted her was more powerful. He was more credible than she was. Those are the facts. Reid just doesn’t want to deal with them.


Reid then goes completely over the slide into a racist rant about the power of “white tears.” “In America, there’s a thing,” she says, “about both white vigilantism and white tears. Particularly male white tears.” Then she mocks crying. “As soon as they get caught…they bring waterworks,” she says derisively.

What does the Rittenhouse case have to do with race? Absolutely nothing, when you get down to the facts and the law.

But everything is about race to Joy Reid. This is just a straight-up racist attack. Apparently, it’s bad that white men have tears and are sensitive — to liberals like Joy, even though liberals normally want people to be completely consumed with feelings. Just not the white men with tears. Those folks are to be mocked for even daring to show such feelings. They’re not allowed.

Reid doesn’t give a good gosh darn about the facts in the Rittenhouse case or about Rittenhouse getting a fair trial, any more than she cared about giving Brett Kavanaugh a fair hearing. She only cares about whether what you are saying or doing fits her political narrative.


Now, the ending of the video is perhaps the funniest because it’s all an ad for something one of her friends is doing on the topic. But who would want to hear more of this kind of crazy, particularly when presented this way by Reid?


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